Friday, March 26, 2010

Education Update for the past few weeks--March 26, 2010

This has been me--the past few weeks---in a funk!

Just jumping on board to say--we're back--perhaps if I say it--it will be true!   I've been feeling a little anti-school lately!   Have lots of plans in my head to get stuff done, but real life keeps jumping out at me.   I need to sit down and make some written dated plans so stuff will happen.  

What has happened since I last reported:

Started learning about Ancient Greeks
Learned about Decimals
E started Pre-algebra
Finished reading Ginger Pye and Good Dog
Made Cutie Catchers
Swam alot

Celebrated three birthdays
Played with Legos
Practiced public speaking
Enjoyed the spring weather
Watched a few tennis matches
Wrote names in Greek
Started reading The Children's Homer
Carved animal sculptures

Started studying the solar system
Pondered the earth as depicted on our new globe
put together some puzzles

Took LOTS of cat pictures!

Missed Dad A LOT (he's been working out of town)

This is what we did way too much of!

This weekend we have swimming championships.   And next week is N's college springbreak and E, E-R, and I-E's scheduled springbreak.   But I think we will move that to the next week when A-M has her break.