Ancient History

Ancient Rome


This set of Ancient Civilization Maps brought the geographical areas we studied to life.

Part Story Book-Part History Text

Excellent Encyclopedia covering Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece to provide cultural context with Early Times Text

Extra books to add life and fun to your study.

A game to play over and over that will cement all that Ancient Rome was into those little minds.

Ancient Greece

Another Suzanne S. Art History Book
The best I've found for 5-8th grade

Again this added cultural context plus lots of great images to  The Story of Ancient Greece

These two resources taught the Greek myths that are so important to understanding our western literature in a spellbinding wonderfully rich manner.

Lots of good supplements out there for this time period.  
We could have gone on forever!

 Ancient China

Chapters 10, 32, and 33

This books covers all the dynasties and includes hands-on projects

Discovery Kids Great Wall of China Magazine

Not strictly Ancient China, but enjoyable none the less

Also not all about Ancient China, but a great book.

Adventures in Ancient China
We enjoyed this book so much, we checked the entire series out of the library.

Ancient Americas

Once again a Suzanne Strauss Art book formed the core of our studies
The Story of the First Americans:
Ancient Times

Full of projects and lots of cultural information

Tools of the Native Americans covers the Ancient Americans as well as later Native American cultures
Full of maps, history, and activities

Classic novel of the life of a young Native American girl left to fend for herself on her home island

Our Maya Temple Dig Kit was a fun kick-off to our Ancient American Studies.

It was not easy to find Ancient American resources.  I made up for some of the lack of resources with field trips.   

Some of our favorite field trips focusing on Ancient Americans--

Both the Cahokia Mound and the Santa Barbara Natural History Museums have awesome websites to explore even if a visit isn't possible.   And I'm sure if you live in the Americas, a musuem featuring Native Americans is in our area.

Another book which doesn't fit neatly into any of the above categories, but is too great a find to leave out:

 Covering the Israelites, the Phoenicians, and the Philistines, cultures which are often referenced in ancient history, but not often explained at this level, this book is a gem.   A great timeline is included which shows what is occurring in each of the featured cultures as well as other ancient cultures as well as cultural and political information and interesting doable activities.  

I was unaware of History Portfolios when we studied Ancient History, but if I had known about them, they would have been part of our studies. 

Even if you don't want to spend the money for History Portfolios, you may want to check out these awesome free resources from Home School Journey, the producers of History Portfolios.  

Be sure to check out 
For more classical homeschooling ideas. 

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  1. What a great list of resources! I'm going to come back to your list for sure, because we are studying ancient times this year. Thank you for sharing it with us at Trivium Tuesdays!


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