Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing Tasty Tuesdays!

What's for supper?   What's for lunch?   Two of the hardest questions for me to answer.   I love to cook, but find it really hard to keep the creative juices flowing when cooking day-in and day-out.  So, I'm committing to cooking something tasty, healthy, and creative at least once a week.  I'll post my yummy meal on tuesdays--thus Tasty Tuesdays.  Feel free to join in my tasty tuesday posts--add your link to tasty tuesdays in my comment sections.   Here's my first tasty tuesday. 

Yummy Spring Salad with tangerines and strawberries and a vinegrette. 

roasted asparagus

pasta with goat cheese and parsley

Yummy spring meal after a trip to the farmers' market.
What yummy spring meals are on your table?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Education Update April 5--9, 2010

Spring Break!   That's what we did this week.  A dear friend of A-M visited us from Saint Louis, MO.   We fit quite a lot into the week.   On Tuesday after picking up AT from the airport, we drove up the coast stopping at the beach along the way.   AT had never been to the beach (except Coney Island--which lets just say is not a true beach experience) and loved it, but walked away with out a love of sand!  

Later on Tuesday afternoon, a few of A-M's and N's friends came over to welcome AT.  They played ninja, went to the park and played capture the flag, and then came back to eat.   Fun was had by all.

Wednesday we trekked to the Ronald Reagan Library.  

I was a bit appalled at the slanted view of history presented at the library, but it sparked a good bit of conversation.   We all enjoyed the tour of Airforce One and the miniature white house.  

Thursday we lazied about in the morning before visiting Chucky
Cheese and heading to the beach again.  

Friday we drove to a Solvang.  Solvang is a Dannish town with beautiful buildings and wonderful pastries! 

  After chosing pastries for everyone, we heading to a waterfall we had on our list to hike to for quite a while!  
After a short hike, we turned the corner and AAAAHHHHHHHHH!   It was worth the drive!

Next we headed over to La Purissima Mission.   It was perfect day for the tour.   The kids got to ring the bells--always a highlight of the tour. 

These bars where on the windows of the mission to keep grizzly bears out!  I think I'm really thankful for the time I live in.

This is a soldier's quarter.  His world is hanging above his bed.  Note his gun--it didn't work in the damp CA coastly weather.   Instead the weapon of choice was:

A Lance. 

A nest of baby great-horned owls are current residents of the mission.

We also got to wash our hands using the blossoms of one of the native plants growing at the mission.

We also visited the turkeys.  The tom is always ready to defend his hens.

One of AT's goals during his week in CA was to climb a palm tree.  I didn't think it was possible but our expert tree climber proved us wrong!

At this point AT was yelling--hurry up and taking picture!  So not all the way to the top, but quite a good showing I would say!

We had a great week.  I'm glad our guest came to visit.  It was wonderful visiting with him and it forced us to get out and do all the things one puts off doing for more mundane everyday things!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Eight more weeks of school left until summer break. This thought causes music to ring in homeschool moms' ears while at the same time riping right through their hearts! Summer--time to sleep in. Read lots of books. Enjoy the outdoors while nature studies naturally happen. A time to catch up on chores and organize the house from top to bottom. And best of all-- time to plan next year! A lass that is where the fear comes in. Only eight more weeks left!!! Those plans from last summer have not been fullfilled! The two science programs. The one and half math levels. The extended unit studies covering every last detail of ancient history. The mastery of spelling and the English language. The exploration of nuclear fission or was it fussion?

Why do homeschool moms place so much pressure on ourselves? Why is it that we have so much trouble setting reasonable goals and being satisified when those goals are met? Why is it not okay to have average kids--that sometimes struggle with reading, only finish one math program each school year, and misspell the same words over and over? These same kids may excell at swimming or music or thinking outside the box. Or perhaps, they exude kindness for their fellow man? They may read all the Judy Moody books and never become experts on the Civil War.

It's that time of year again. Time to plan next year. What are our real goals for next year?