Core Books

The Story of the Renaissance is one of a series of books by Suzanne Strauss Art

Rats, Bulls, and Flying Machines does an excellent job of covering the culture of this period.

The Almanac of World History is our reference book of choice. 

The Kingfisher History of the World Encyclopedia helps us keep track of what is happening all around the world during this time period.
(Any edition of this book works--the current edition has a red cover)

Our History Portfolios provide the frame work for our studies.

Additional Resources

 Calliope Magazine Martin Luther

This awesome book focuses on the Women of this time period.   

Pope Leo X   

Life in the Renaissance: The Church

Masters of the Renaissance does a beautiful job of weaving the stories of the Medici family into the stories of the Renaissance artists  

Web Resources

Jesuits Today in the United Kingdom

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