Middle Ages

Middle Ages
Our Three Spines

Suzanne S. Art History Book
I love not only the text, but also the discussion questions and suggested projects.

This book has tons of information and suggestions for a 12 week unit study of the Middle Ages.
It also includes a LARGE poster meant to be colored 
while learning about different parts of Middle Age Society.

A wonderful way to organize and document your study of history.  
Read my complete review here.

Actual letters from medieval manuscripts ready for you to color

An Enjoyable Adaptation of The Canterbury Tales

Little book all about castles throughout history

A lovely informative magazine with a literature study included for this book:

Book showing life of royal, clergy, and common people in the Byzantium Empire during the Middle Ages

The Classic Story of the World Volume II

On of our favorite read alouds showing life in Europe during the Middle Ages in a wonderful mystery 

A text with questions which we used to improve reading comprehension

We used this jackdaw for our study of primary documents

The basis of our study of Japan during the Middle Ages

This is a brilliant adventure story set in feudal Japan.
We used it with this

A wonderful book full of humor 

This book did a wonderful job of putting pictures of Viking Life in our minds.

Another Learning Through History magazine which formed the base for our Viking study

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