Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing Tasty Tuesdays!

What's for supper?   What's for lunch?   Two of the hardest questions for me to answer.   I love to cook, but find it really hard to keep the creative juices flowing when cooking day-in and day-out.  So, I'm committing to cooking something tasty, healthy, and creative at least once a week.  I'll post my yummy meal on tuesdays--thus Tasty Tuesdays.  Feel free to join in my tasty tuesday posts--add your link to tasty tuesdays in my comment sections.   Here's my first tasty tuesday. 

Yummy Spring Salad with tangerines and strawberries and a vinegrette. 

roasted asparagus

pasta with goat cheese and parsley

Yummy spring meal after a trip to the farmers' market.
What yummy spring meals are on your table?


  1. Mmmmmmm- all these dishes sound scrumptious. I do *love* asparagus, and cant wait for it to hit the stores!

  2. Thanks Cyn. asparagus is one of my favorite spring time veggies.


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