Thursday, October 4, 2012

The one where I forgot to post, and oh did I mention I live with a bunch of teenagers

This post is part of a series showing the realness of homeschooling---the ugly, frustrating, and wonderfulness of it all. 

I have five children that are teenagers right now.   One is living on his own at college, and four are living right here at home.    So many people tell me—I’m sorry—when they hear how many teenagers I have.  Don’t be.    I love this stage of life.    Teenagers are fun to do things with and are enjoyable to talk with. Teenagers are exploring and testing out the whole big world of opportunities that are just waiting for them.
I love spending time with my teenagers. Teenagers are generally excited about life. 
Except when they aren’t.   Sometimes life is big and hard and scary.   Sometimes decisions that can seem overwhelming have to be made.   And teenagers are just figuring out how to deal with those choices and the responsibilities that come with making what seem like and sometimes are huge life changing decisions.   One of my teenagers is at this point in their life.   Decisions are being made.   It’s been hard on all of us.
I’m just saying---that may have been why this post is late.   
Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. I love this post. (Ad I love the 31 days idea!) I pray that one day when my kids are teens I can say the same!


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