Sunday, October 4, 2009

Education Update Sept 28--Oct 2

Find of the Week
I was struggling with Earth Science.   Science Works is something I had used in the past for human antomy with success.   I liked it and so when I saw Science Works: Earth Science on sale at Lakeshore Learning--bonus was my first thought.   Unfortuntually, it didn't work out for me.   I investigated different curriculums this past week.   I asked the wise ladies at the well trained mind forums for their sage advice.    On Thursday while browsing the Golden Valley School library, I came across the Reader's Digest How the Earth Works.   I have this book already.   The Well Trained Mind suggests it.   In my haste to find the perfect curriculum, I overlooked this wonderful book.   Together with my Science Works book, this book is exactly what I need.   Each section of the book starts with a history of the understanding of that part of earth science.   Then each spread has information to read, and an experiment or activity to help explain that information.   I can see how many of the activities would deter many from using this book.   Who wants to spend 2 or 3 hours on one experiment?  Not I.   I was able to look through the book and find plenty of activities that take 30 minutes or less.  This book could easily last a full year.   I am going to pick just a few topics so we can move on to our study of insects in December.  

Our week was a short one.   Monday was a school holiday for A-M, so we all took a break (except for N who met with a study group).  All week we had appts to fit in throughout each day.    I am looking forward to this coming week with just a focus on school for us.

Math--E-R and I-E finished Primary Mathematics 3 this week.   E is still having a hard time concentrating on math.   He finished two more lessons in Teaching Textbook 7.  

Language Arts---We finished Shurley English Chapter 11.   E-R and I-E completed days 17-20 of Sequential Spelling 1.   E completed days 7-10 of Sequential Spelling 2.    We finished our 5 paragraph essays.   E also finished his compare and contrast essay.    E finished reading The Golden Goblet.    E-R and I-E finished reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  E started handwriting this week and continued working in Painless Vocabulary.  

History---We finished the first week of History Odyssesy.    We're kinda mixing level 1 and level 2 together.   We used the first pocket of Ancient Civilizations History Pockets to make introductory pages in our history notebooks.   We included the 8 traits of all civilizations and the terms B.C., A.D., B.C.E., and C.E.   We also started our time lines this week.   E read the first chapter of SOTW vol 2.   He needs to study this time period to meet CA standards.   He is reading each chapter and putting any interesting dates on his time line. 

Science---I-E and E-R studied the convection heat found in the earth.   E worked on a workshop, but didn't get to the experiment that went with it.  

French and Spanish were put on the sidelines for this week. 

Phonics-- E-R and I-E started a review of phonics this week so I can find any gaps they may have.   I was blown away to find out that neither knew what sound th makes!   I-E finished reading her McGuffey's Second Reader.   E-R continues to work through a lesson a day.  

Foothill had back to school night on Thursday.   I enjoyed meeting  all of A's teachers and seeing her classrooms.   Learning moment of the week--how to turn one's biology grade from a F to an A.   Make sure one's name is on the assignment sheet turned in for first quarter!

El Camino is preparing for their back to school night(officially called open house).   It is coming up on Wednesday.   We are looking forward to attending.  N still has a 100% in Japanese.   He is anxious about his upcoming midterm on Tuesday.   It has an oral component that has him a bit nervous.   He has taken to carrying around his Japanese book in order to study at odd moments.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you like the Reader's Digest series. I'm already thinking ahead to next year when we do logic stage biology, and I'm thinking about using How Nature/the Human Body Works.


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