Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Glad to Be Married to a Great Guy

When my husband left town last Monday, I was looking forward to evenings spent in leisure.   I could hunker down in bed with the snack of my choice while watching the show of my choice.   My oldest son helped me find Monk and Top Chef on Hulu.   I was set.   Day one, I watched Monk with N.   Oh, I needed eggs and milk for breakfast in the morning, so at 9:15 I ran to the store with a close friend.   Got to bed at 10:30--fell asleep during my show.    Day two--up at 5:30 to make breakfast and lunches and drive to seminary.    Run home to make breakfast for the next set of kids, clean-up, start school, and then run to ortho appt. at 10:00.   Pick up N at 11:30.   Run home make lunch.   Fit in more school.   Run and pick up A and take her to chiro appt.   Run home.   Fit in more school.   Make supper.   Run N to Japanese.   Come home clean up.   Get everyone ready for bed.   Dole out computer time to kids that earned it.   Try not to collapse into bed.   Work on getting things ready for our education specialist (ES) visit the next morning at 9 am.    At 9:15 leave to go pick up N from class.    Come home.   Try to watch Top Chef.   Fall asleep 5 minutes into show.    At this point, I'm only 2 days in!    \

I am so thankful for a husband who drives kids where ever they need to go.   I am thankful for a husband who doesn't mind getting up at 5 am.   And I suppose, I don't mind a husband who picks out the shows we watch each evening!

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