Saturday, January 16, 2010

Education Update January 11-15, 2010

We got back into the thick of things this week.   Did pretty well with our new schedule.

A-M is in the thick of getting ready for finals and is currently reading Frankenstein.

N started his two college classes--Japanese II and Statistics.   

We continued our poetry study.  We studied rhyme, meter, and feet this week

Read several more chapters of Number the Stars.  Discussed symbols and created our own symbols.

E finished chapter 1 of his Rod and Staff English

I-E and E-R concentrated on reading comprehension

All three kids are focusing on geometry in math.   E-R and I-E practiced measuring angles.  E practiced figuring out area and perimeters.

We continued with both levels of Sequential Spelling.
Some of E's spelling words:
Some of I-E and E-R's spelling words:

Sayings we discussed this week:
Every cloud has a silver linging
Eleventh hour
Eat crow
Chip on your shoulder

We started a study of Ancient China.
Dynasties covered:
Spring and Autumn Period
Warring States Period
Qin Dynasty!
We outlined info from our history encylopedia, added to our timelines, and made maps of China during the Qin Dynasty. We used this faboulous book:

to learn about cities, architecture, some of the inventions, warriors, and weapons in Ancient China.  We also completed a project suggested in the architecture chapter.
Yurts created by E, E-R, and I-E:
First we created a foundation.

Then we framed it up.

Next came the roof support.

Some came out better than others!

Next came the outside coverings.

of course some had more fun than others

This week in art we learned about 2-D and 3-D shapes.   We made collages in the style of Matisse.

Good Week over all!


  1. What a fun week! We love the marshmallow yurts. Now my kids are begging to do that. AGHGHG.

    I love China. I really want to do a year-long study of Asia.

    Thank you for sharing your week!

  2. Oh how neat! Love the pics! The China books sounds very interesting.

  3. Those are awesome projects - great pictures.

  4. What a fun week! The yurts and the Matisse projects were both fabulous!

  5. What a fun week. My daughter and I love the marshmallow yurts and can't wait to make one sometime. Thanks for sharing!


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