Friday, January 8, 2010

Education Update January 4-8, 2010

Back from Break

I must say that our first week back from break was pretty slow and laid back.  


UUUUGGGGGG must drag selves out of bed after spending two weeks staying up late and sleeping in every morning!!!!!!!!   Poor A-M and N were up at 5:45 to make it to Seminary.  
Note to self--next break should not be an all-out exercise in excesses of all kinds.

We met with Anne our ES(Education Specialist)
Completed two art lessons
     learned : lines indicate light, texture, and shadow
                  the basic steps involved in print-making
     And ended up with several orginial prints of our own




Next we watched an interesting video about Tom Everhart.  Mr.Everhart paints incorporating pieces of Peanuts cartoons into his paintings.   So, we drew our own pictures incorporating different cartoon characters into the pictures.

I-E practices drawing Odie and then ends up this:

E-R went Manga style.

E practiced all different characters and completed a colorful drawing of Lucy.

E started Rod and Staff English Level 5.  So far it was all review--subjects, predicates, and verbs.

We started a month long study of poetry.  
       What is poetry?
       The structure of poetry
             line, couplets, stanza, and strophes
       What is a limerick
        Rhyme schemes
 We enjoyed reading poems and writing a few of our own.  

The masterpiece that demanstrated line, couplets, stanza and strophes:
Shelly, Shelly,
Really loves jelly.

Yuppy, Yuppy,
She really loves raspberries.

Shelly Bearn
Needs to learn many things in life.

Like going to bed on time,
And not to mime.

Like not braggin about her car
She has to learn so many things
that cannot be told today.

A mouse
usually lives in a house.

When a mouse lives in a house you hear
eeeek and

Friday we all happily got up early to get on the road in rush hour traffic heading to Los Angles.   We went to see three tapings of Wheel of Fortune!   It was so informative and just plain FUN.   The set was much smaller than expected and everything ran so smoothly.  The show has been on air since 1975.   Vanna and Pat Sajak have been with the show for 27 years!    

We didn't fit everything in this week, but overall it was a good week back from a long break.    


  1. Love the artwork- especially the very colourful picture of Lucy. It is divine!

  2. Oh, I like all those pictures!

  3. Sounds like a great week back!

  4. The printing and cartooning look great and I loved the poems.

  5. What a great week!

    The Wheel of Fortune, that is so neat! We used to watch that show as a family when I was a kid :)

    The poetry and artwork are really nice.

    Thank you for sharing!


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