Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday With Not Really A Nature Study Of Monarchs


You know—I want to be a nature study kind of family.   But the reality is we stink at formal nature study.   We aren’t good at following a plan of what to study.   And nobody wants to write in a nature journal.   But we do love to be outside in nature, and I’ve decided that’s good enough!  


We’ve recently discovered thousands and thousands of monarch butterflies hanging out in the little barranca near our house.   So we often wonder over just to watch the butterflies.   There is something about more than one butterfly flying together that just brings out my inner joy.




We even experienced the joy of witnessing the birds and the bees (or should I say the butterflies and the butterflies ) up close.   I found it pretty interesting.  I-E found it pretty horrifying.   She thought the male was going to kill the female.   I told her, “I think they are making babies.”   To which she replied, “ No, it is much too violent for that.”

So, we stayed and watched the twenty-five minute process.  And for the record, both survived to fly away.  




  1. Lovely butterfly.. this is the longest not so wordless entry i've seen so far!

    Btw, hope to see some message from you on my blog. My comment tab is fixed now. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Wow! I would love to see thousands of the monarchs. We're consider ourselves lucky to see more than one. :)

  3. We're so not good at formal nature study either! I keep trying though... love the monarch pictures, and what an incredible sight they must all be!

  4. I am glad that you added words! What a neat experience!

  5. LOL, funny ;). I would love it if we had that many butterflies near my house!

  6. Wonderful! I would also love to see that many Monarchs together.

  7. Wow how cool to have a monarch haven near your home. Sounds as though the kids had a very educational experience. It's been decades but took mine on a filed trip to see the monarchs when they were school age.

  8. Funny butterfly and butterfly violence. Happy they both lived to fly away and that you all get to take part of nature even if you don't put it down on paper.

  9. We are nature study dropouts. Got a blog post lined up about that exactly. Would love to see more than one butterfly in a spot. Fun!

  10. wow, I'd love to see so many Monarchs all together!

    we used to be really good about nature study, but as the kids got older it just got easier to do other things.

    lovely photos!


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