Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Awesome Art Curriculum

I recently attended a workshop sponsored by The Getty.   Although the young lady presenting the class was young and unfamiliar with homeschoolers in general,  I am very impressed that The Getty is reaching out to homeschoolers.   After a brief introduction to the layout and art galleries at The Getty, we looked at an unique piece of art.   Titled, Bust of a Man,  and created by Francis Harwood in 18th century Florence, Italy this piece really  blew me away.   It's unusualliness is not only in its material (black pietra da paragone--instead of a white marble), but also its subject.    The scar above his eye, the tilt of his head, and the gaze of his eyes, gave him an individuality that really set apart this piece of art for me.   Following our discussion, we created a bust of our own.   Our bust was to represent someone who normally wouldn't be put on a pedestal.   One of the participants represented her trashman.   You know what, trashmen should be on a pedestal!  I've never thought about trashmen like that before.    And that is the point of art.  A classic piece of art is universal and should make us think about our world in a different way.  Last but best of all was the curriculum.  

This curriculum is a gem.   Each of the 28 lessons includes plans for elementary, middle-school, and high-school levels.   These plans includes not only art, but also english and history.   And the timeline feature will make a classical homeschooler's heart beat just a bit faster!    Even though this curriculum is based on pieces found at The Getty, it is completely self-contained and can stand alone.

AND I've saved the best for last!   This and more wonderful curriculum is available to you for free!
A little bit of clicking around the education part of this website will reveal lots more neat resources.

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