Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Update

Our garden has been growing like crazy.   We had two and half weeks of sunny weather which caused things to just take off. 

The cosmos have outstripped the sunflower (in the foreground).

Tomatoes are coming along and I've picked my first ripe ones this week.

We planted a butterfly garden which we hope will fill in by next summer.

Sad, sad cabbage plant.   Look to the left to see how we've covered up our other cabbage plant.

And low and behold this is what our protected cabbage plant looks like.

Side by side!
I am blaming this on a certain fat squirrel I see around.

Our watermelon is coming along.  I choose a variety that is suppose to do well in cooler coastal areas. 

Here is my bed of honeydew melons.   They are a bit stunted as they have also been a tasty meal for a certain fat squirrel. 

Then and now.

My cucumbers have really taken off.

This is our first cucumber of the season.  I ate it right then and there.  It was super yummy.

My bush beans are loaded with beans.  Note to self--next year I need to double the amount of bush beans.

My runner beans have been pretty, but a bit unproductive!
I think we need a bit more heat. 

The coolest thing by far in the garden was this moth.   I'm not sure what kind it is?  Anyone have any ideas? 

How is your garden growing?

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  1. Your garden looks great!
    Mine has been doing well. I've been able to pick some peas, and a couple of cucumbers. I can almost pick some zucchini, and my broccoli is getting huge! Our tomatoes are doing well but it will be a while before they're ready for picking.

    We have a few napa cabbage plants, but the earwigs have been devouring them..which is ok, since the one I did try was a bit bitter..and the earwigs are leaving the rest of the garden alone!

  2. I'm so jealous of people who can garden. I kill everything!

    Hi! New follower from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

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  4. Love it! I've done hydroponic gardening for years, but we're moving and I'm changing to gardening in dirt again. I'll have to ask your advice!

  5. Hi! Fabulous garden! New GFC follower from weekend hop! Hope you'll stop by to say hi and return the follow!

  6. What a great job, have you tried herbs - not sure if I saw any in the picture? My son is growing basil, thyme and his own sunflowers. Sunflowers seem to take a lot of water and are taking a long time to flower!! Love the blog will follow. Nina

  7. Your garden looks great! We got our first tomatoes this week also.

  8. Your garden is just beautiful! You have a nice blog, too! Can't wait to read more!

  9. The garden looks wonderful! good job! Returning the visit from the hhh :) am September

  10. The garden looks so good. My kids were sad that we had to move in June and leave their garden.

  11. New GFC Follower-kport207 from the FNFW hop.

    Come check out my blog and follow if you wish-

  12. Looking good and tasting even better I bet..Happy weekend
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry


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