Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not Back to School Our Homeschooling Home

Not much has changed with how I organize our home to accommodate homeschooling  since my post, Our School Home,  Be sure  to check it out to see how we utilize our whole home for school time. 

I do have a few new things I would like to showcase.  

The centerpiece of my teacher's nook is

 my beloved  desk genie  (officially know as a desk apprentice).   I love how it keeps everything I need for the day neat, organized, and handy. 

This side's two pockets hold my folder with important school papers as well as my homeschool catalogs

The back side of my desk genie holds our memory work materials.

This side has my inbox/outbox pockets.  All the papers I need to take look over and grade go into the bottom pocket. After I grade them I move them up to the top pocket so my children can file them or put them into the appropriate binder.  Notice the alligator clips I keep along all my pockets.  That way I have them when needed.   I am also excited about this stapler I found at Staples (!).   It is magnetical.   Super handy. 

This fourth set of pockets holds college stuff I need to keep on top of for my oldest.  

Check out the four corner pockets.  This first one holds our dry eraser markers. 

Two more hold all of the office supplies a homeschool mom could want. 

And this last pocket holds all the pen, pencils, and miscellaneous office supplies found on the floor and under the couch cushions until I have time to put them where they belong!

The inside of my desk genie holds all my teacher's manuals and the materials I am using to actively plan lessons. 

And I must point out these beautiful book covers I bought for me. 
 ( a homeschool mom needs pretty back-to-school supplies)

Another key component of  our homeschool space is the dining room wall. 

I hang art, science, history posters so what we study is  a part of our day to day experiences.

I have a big blank spot just waiting for more posters. 

Here is our mini gallery, a spot reserved for the art works my kids have picked out to study  in depth.

My neatly organized shelves waiting for school to start! 

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  1. I LOVE my Desktop Apprentice!!! Greatest addition to my homeschool this year!

  2. I think I need a Desk Apprentice! That's really neat! Thanks for sharing!

    Will Menory Monday start up again soon?

  3. Wow! That is a lot of stuff packed into one organizational piece. I remember watching the Apprentice when they developed that product. I think you've inspired me to find one for myself. The rest of your learning space is great, too. I hope you have a wonderful school year!

  4. Amy, Memory Mondays will be back August 29th with a post about how we organize our memory work and what is planned for the year. I would love for you to join in with the fun! I'm going to try to use a linky this year, so everyone can link up and share.

  5. I am shamelessly coveting your desktop apprentice! Looks like a great way to stay organized, especially the way that you have it all planned out.

  6. I love the Desktop Apprentice, it totally appeals to my need for organization. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Whoohoo, love that Desk Genie! I keep seeing it popping up here and there!! Wish I had a desk to put it on, ha ha!!

  8. Love your bookcase- it's beautiful!

  9. I keep seeing people talking about that teacher's apprentice... my goodness, it looks wonderful! Love your shelves!!

  10. I love your desktop genie! I've never heard of one before but it just might show up on my wish list this year! Have a great school year!

  11. Love the desktop apprentice! I have one for each of my kiddos. Their apprentices have become their new workboxes.

  12. Looks really nice. Love those book covers.

  13. I'd love to know where you got your history posters. The timeline ones are really neat!

  14. Oh, I absolutely love the look of that desk apprentice! I want it!

  15. You look so organized! I wish you could come organize my art cabinet ;-)

  16. HollyBee, the posters come from Rainbow Resource.

  17. I like this desktop--especially if you are past the age of little toddlers gettin into your stuff! Or at least you can hide it.


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