Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memory Work Overview 2011-2012

First, what is memory work?   Memory work, in our school, is a specific time set aside to work on memorizing facts.   By memorizing, I mean being able to recite back exactly word for word a fact, poem, quote, or scripture. 

To understand exactly why we focus so much on memory work, check out How Memory Time Works For Us.,  which explains the why, how, and everything else for us.        

This year in Grammar I've decided to use Andrew Campbell's Grammar Catechism from Living Memory word for word.  This will be a year long process that will cement any grammar rule necessary into the minds of my girls as well as mine.

For Math I've decided to focus on a few things which will make algebra easier next year such as basic mathematical properties, common fractions expressed as decimals, prime numbers under one hundred, common square roots, as well as focusing on math vocabulary in order to prepare for all the standardized testing which will appear in the future.  

Using Lyrical Life Science Bacteria to Birds, we will cover levels of taxonomy, animal and plant cells, and the like in Science. We will also work on learning physical laws, measurements, and symbols using Science Wrap-Ups.   

In History we will work on memorizing the major wars of mankind.   If you followed our memory time last year, you realize we've been working on remembering these wars forever.   We're still working on it!   We will also memorize the American Presidents as we start incorporating American History into our world history.  

Poetry and Scriptures is a subject we pick as we go.  We look for meaningful scriptures during our scripture studies.   And we all take turns picking out poems to memorize.  

What are you using for memory time this year?  Do you have a neat resource you are trying out?  Or have you hand-picked your memory pieces?   Please share in a blog post and link up below.   Feel free to grab my Memory Monday Button on the top of the right hand column.   

The linky will be open until September 9 for you to share your plans for the year.   Starting September 12, I will post how we are doing with our memory work every Monday.  Please come back, link up, and share your memory work experiences on Memory Mondays.   


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