Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Advent Count Down

I always hope to get an advent calendar ready to use for Christmas, but so far in my 18+ years of being a mom, I haven’t gotten it together to do so.  
This year I decided to let go of the perfect picture in my head and make an advent calendar as we go.  
Each night in December our Christmas devotional is comprised of a Christmas scripture, story, and song.   The scriptures start with Isaiah prophesying of Jesus’ birth and move through the story of his birth in the Gospels.  
We have strung a ribbon across our window with other Christmas decorations.   As we read each scripture, we write it on a Christmas shape the kids cut out, and hang it on our ribbon. (I picture hanging the scriptures up with cute little decorated clothespins, but since I’m letting go of perfect, we’re using binder clips!—maybe next year!)
Christmas Advent 009

Christmas Advent 005
By Christmas, we will have the Christmas Story written out across the top of our window.   Not quite Pinterest worthy, but special in its own way.

ETA:   My dear friend Lennie read my post and made these marvelous clothespins for my Advent!  

Don't they snazz up my Advent?!  I'm am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

I’ve written this in response to Savannah’s Homeschool Writing Prompts.   Be sure to check out her other prompts for this week and join in the fun at  Hammock Homeschool.  I have also linked up to Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real  


  1. I like that idea of writing your Christmas story across the top of your window! VERY neat idea!

  2. What a cute, clever, idea! LOVE it! And so great when things are crazy & you just can't get everything ready before December! Thanks for sharing on TGIF! See you next week =-)

  3. Hello, I came over from Like Mother, Like Daughter. Very cute and original idea, I love it!

  4. "Letting go of perfect" - I love that expression because I've struggled with perfection paralysis myself. You came up with a wonderful idea!

  5. What an Awesome Advent! I had to Pin it!


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