Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 12 Is it Christmas Break Yet?

A lot of our time this week was spent on memorizing Winter Tale’s  lines for Shakespeare.
“One that gives our himself Prince
Florizel, Son of Polixenes, with his princess,---she
The fairest I have yet beheld, ---desires access
To your high presence.”
In Geography we learned about Spice Wars and the Barbary pirates.    Taking the role as sailor or pirate E-R and I-E
Anna Drama Foothill 049
sailed around the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, all the way to Constantinople.  
Anna Drama Foothill 051
We continued on with studying the Reformation for History. 

I also had the girls use their timelines to make mini timelines of what was happening during Martin Luther’s lifetime.
It was a great way to review our past studies and put into perspective all the different people and events we’ve studied. 

Anna Drama Foothill 004

Anna Drama Foothill 007
Wednesday, A-M had a performance for her drama class which we had a lot of fun watching.  
We’ve also been busy getting ready for Christmas—my favorite holiday!  I’ve finally figured out out how to have the advent calendar I’ve been thinking about for 18+ years
Are you still working on school or has your Christmas break begun?


  1. Oh, we're still going strong with school! LOL My poor kids! Nah, we'll complete another full week next week and perhaps Monday and Wednesday of the following week, but then we'll be off until January 2nd (or there about). I'm anxious to get to our mid-way point! (And the kids like getting in school NOW and finishing up in late April or early May to enjoy Maine's warmest weather).

    Anyway, love the hands on history!

  2. We'll do one more week before we break for Christmas. Looks like you guys had fun, thanks for sharing!

  3. We are taking a break for sure! I looked at your Advent Calendar; it's cute, and that was so nice of your friend to make those clothes pins for you! You guys have an interesting curriculum right now.


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