Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 14

We are back!    But not quite with a vengeance!   Breaks are hard to come back from. 

This month we are working on diligence.   Our working definition:
Diligence does not rely on talent, but employs commitment, industry, and perseverance to transform vision into reality.  
And our favorite diligence quote so far—Diligence is the mother of Good Luck!   Benjamin Franklin. 
As a family we took this quiz:

True False
I always do my best; I strive for excellence.
I am willing to risk failure for a worthy goal.
I am self-disciplined.
I make sure to learn from my mistakes and failures.
I try to see the big picture and think long term.
I set goals and stay focused.
I don't give up just because things seem difficult.
I don't procrastinate.

After taking the quiz, we decided procrastination is really something we all struggle with.   Procrastination is something we are all working on.    Self motivation was also discussed and is something we are working on individually.
And I did see that diligence translate into our school work. And I worked hard on overcoming procrastination when it came to putting away laundry!

I-E and E-R reviewed the chapter on nouns this week before taking the chapter test.   In Mega words they covered closed and silent-e syllables.   For literature, they read through I Am David, so we can start analyzing this coming week.   For writing, we started Essay Voyage.   And in math, review of rates was on the schedule.
E-R and I-E applied and were accepted to produce, direct, and preform a preshow scene.   Although not a huge deal, it has caused me to really think about our goals and adjust our schedules.

Merry’s excellent post at Hope for Homeschool about prioritizing for passions has given me a lot to think about.   I-E has expressed a desire to pursue a career in the movies—specially screenwriting.   I know next to nothing about preparing for anything like this.   So for now, I have lots to  think about and no quick answers.  

But for now,  I’ve decided to forego history this month.   Instead, our afternoons will be filled with Shakespeare.  

Not a bad trade-off over-all.  
What changes are happening in your homeschool?  


  1. You've changed up your blog! I am finally past all the busy, busyness and back to blog reading. I am envious of your Shakespeare study - can't wait to to our next one!

  2. I love Shakespeare, so I definitely think it's worth giving up history for :).

  3. "Diligence... to transform vision into reality." I love it!!!

  4. I like the diligence quote and quiz. This is an area I am working on myself and these may be useful. Thank-you for sharing your week.

  5. I might have to borrow the diligence quiz, what a neat idea! It certainly will help all of us to see what needs to be done. Shakespeare study sound like a wonderful way to spend afternoons, we are not there yet...enjoy it!

  6. I might have to borrow the quiz ... we start back up tomorrow and I'm already dreading it a little bit (but don't tell my kids!). I love the idea of Shakespeare in the afternoon.

  7. Great things to think about!!! I think the most important part of homeschooling is focusing on character qualities, and I don't spend enough time on that. Our biggest change is welcoming a new baby soon so I'm curious how things are going to go along with that.

  8. Looks like I'm not the only one changing things up! I need to work on diligence myself - procrastination is sometimes my middle name.


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