Sunday, December 13, 2009

Education Update November 23--Dec 11

Christmas is in the air!!!!!

Lots of performances these past few weeks.   E was an hilarious Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, E-R and I-E performed a beautiful poem with their drama class, and N and A-M graced us with their beautiful voices at the church Christmas breakfast.

Gaston wooing Belle

E-R and I-E with their drama class performing Noel

Angels singing to Baby Jesus

N with the young men gracing us with their deep voices!

E helping to lead Christmas Carols

Even with so much Christmas activity in the air, we continued on with school.

Language Arts:   Spelling---E-R and I-E have worked through day 50 of Sequential Spe lling. I-E and E-R worked through day 60.   Shurley English---My goal is to finish Shurley by the end of next week.   The new concepts taught at the end of the program  are concepts that overlap with our writing progam so I decided we could speed through these last three weeks.  So in the last few weeks we've covered verb tenses, double negatives, contractions, linking verbs, similes, metaphors, parts of a friendly letter, and parts of a business letter.    Write Source----STILL working on our research papers.   Outlines were made and rough drafts created.   Next step--revising and editing.  

Math:  Teaching Textbooks--lessons 71-80--percentages--E also continued working in Life of Fred.   I-E and E-R  finished book one of Key to Fractions before starting book two and learned how to multiply two digit numbers in Primary Mathmatics.

History:   These past few weeks we studied the Assyrians and the rebirth of Babylon.   The kids also reviewed their timelines to see how the events of the different civilizations they've studied fit together.  

Art:   We continued studying lines.   This week the kids drew a  blind self portrait and then a self portrait where they got to actually look at their papers while drawing their portraits.  

Science:   I-E and E-R are studying insects.   Unfortuntually, its been a bit chilly here for them to observe any live insects.   But I'm sure any day the Santa Anna Winds will blow and bring those insects out of hiding.   E studied fixed pulleys by building a model and testing how much force was used with different lengths of rope.  

Spanish and French:   We are putting together books about ourselves in Spanish and French and using Rosetta Stone.  

Drama: E-R and I-E worked on memorizing their Noel poems and had a recital.   E had two performances of Beauty and the Beast where he had a winning performance as Gastine.

Water Polo:   Water Polo ended for the season.   We have swim team tryouts this coming week.

Final day of water polo for this season.

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