Friday, December 18, 2009

Education update December 14-18, 2009

Yah!!!!!  It's time for a Break!!

N finished his Japanese class with what he thinks is an A.   This class was a 5 credit college class, and I am very proud of all the hard work he put in this last sememster.   He also finished Chemistry, English, History, Physcology, Leadership, and Crew so far this semester(all with As)--with 3 more weeks to go after break.   He set some goals at the beginning of the semester and is right on track to finish those goals by the end of the semester.   He's also volunteered at Project Secure all most every week.   Oh, and I think he's only missed one day of seminary!

A-M presented her ninth-grade project as the example student on Monday.   This meant that she delivered her 10 minute speech to all of the judges that were being trained along with many communty leaders.   I was in attendence and think I had more butterflies than she did!   She did a beautiful job and was the only student to earn the full 300 points!  

On the home front:
We mostly finished up loose ends this week.

E-R and I-E finished their Primary Mathmatics 4A workbooks.   I am using the CA standards textbook though so we do have a few more topics to cover after break before we move on to 4B.   After finishing their books, they enjoyed Vroot and Vroom on the computer.   E finished chapter 13 in Teaching Textbooks which was an introduction to geometry.  

We continued spelling throughout the week.

We ditched the rest of Shurley English.    Instead we enjoyed watching the comma portion of
We had fun watching the examples of when one uses commas and then writing our own examples.   I learned that sometimes it is optional to use commas--one does not need to use them and yet it is perfectly okay to do so!   Who knew?

E finished up reading The Hobbit and we are going to make his BB display into a book.   I-E and E-R finished reading Island of the Blue Dolphin.   I-E made a scrapbook showing the plot of the story.   E-R made a map depicting the setting of the book.

Our main project this week was finishing research papers.    Papers are finished along with work cited pages.   We have been practicing taking notes and writing outlines throughout the first half of the year, and we took it a step further these last few weeks.   Papers included text citations and work cited pages.   As a bonus, N taught E, I-E, and E-R how to make their papers into a Power Point Presentation.  I think that was as entertaining as any other computer game they play.   I've included their papers on the side.  

Merry Christmas all!
  I am very happy for a break to enjoy preperations for Christmas and to have a little time to plan the next few months of school!!!!


  1. I only learned how to do power point (and really, only how to edit existing power point) two weeks ago.!

    Merry Christmas :)

  2. Well, you are ahead of me. I know nothing about putting on together or editing--which is why my oldest son taught them how to do it! My oldest dd went to high school this year, and it was assumed that she had learned how to do it in middle school. So, I thought we better get on it. I outsourced it--to a highschooler! ;)

  3. It is so exciting to hear about your kids. This post makes me especially impressed with N and A, way to go guys!

  4. Thanks, Sarah! They are impressive--I often wonder how I ended up with such driven kids. By the why I don't comment on your blog, but I love its (ie your) humor! You also have such awesome kids and I love that you take such joy in being their mom. Hope your feeling less Grinchy!


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