Friday, December 18, 2009

Thankfulness and Christmas Idea

I am very thankful to have kids that think beyond themselves.   This year we received a catalog from an organization that supplies animals along with training to people in third world countries who need to learn to fish(so to speak--although, they also supply fish complete with a pond ;) ).   My kids being my offspring are all over any catalogs that enter the house--exspecially my I-E.   They examined this catalog from front to back and asked many questions.   It was then proposed that as a family we skip having alot of gifts and instead buy some farm animals.   A vote was administrated and ducks are what we will be buying.   These ducks will replace chickens that were lost in floods in places like Indonesia.   It turns out that ducks will survive much better in places where wet weather is becoming the norm.   These ducks will provide meat, eggs, and extra income to a family that will be trained in the husbandry of ducks.   Also, available are goats, cows, chickens,  sheep, pigs, donkeys, oxen, rabbits, wells, mosquito nets, seeds, school supplies, ect.
Check them out---87% of what you donate is used to help others better their lives.

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