Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Report February 21-25, 2011

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This week started out with a day off for President's Day. It was a day off of school for the kids, but lots of learning took place for me!    That day I got to spend most of the day alone painting--the kitchen.   I learned  I like the peace and quiet of a day to myself;  I also learned I HATE painting!    In addition I learned that painting a kitchen and it's cabinets is not a two or even three day job!

That being said---we didn't adhere to our normal schedule for the week because I was busy painting!    

E worked on his Aleks math.   E-R and I-E started on a section on angles which has been a review so far.    They also completed several reviews of past sections while their teacher painted.

We did complete several spelling lessons in Sequential Spelling.

E wrote an outline and rough draft for his setting essay for A Jury of Her Peers.

Everyone worked a lot in their Critical Thinking Books.

E practiced for MacBeth two evenings this week in addition to Friday morning.  

E-R and E  and I-E swam three times this week.

Everyone read alot.

And we focused a lot on art!    The first art lesson was a Visit to Gerrit Van Vranken.   Basically this lesson taught that computers can be used in art work.   Computers use the same rules human artist use to create 3-D and linear perspectives.

These aren't very dark--so sorry about that.

They are three dimensional landscapes.

 The next lesson  was all about light.   How we perceive light in art work and how light affects the way we depth was the focus.   The first project involved drawing a still life making sure to include the shadows.

Favorite part of school all week was the photo project.   The kids took photos of each other (and the cat) while learning about sidelighting, uplighting, and backlighting.

Can you say model ?

Can you say I have a stick and am super happy to have something to hit with it?!

Can you say nothing to do with our art project but super cute anyway?

E wishes to remain behind the scenes, but would like his public to know he took the pictures!

So our week didn't go as planned, and yet I feel it panned out to be a pretty super week.  

And I am one step closer to a new kitchen! 

Did your week go as planned? 


  1. Hi -- visiting you from the weekly wrap-up. I was interested to see your blog because of the beach in your header - we just returned from the beach and I blogged about that today. I also grew up at the beach and miss it daily! I'm new to your blog and following you now!


  2. Hi there, also visiting from Weekly Wrap up

    I wish I was there with the warm weather! Still COLD here!


  3. Also from weekly wrap up--love the photo project! Isn't it great when things don't go as you planned--but it's even better?! :)

  4. Our week did not go as planned either. The kids working in concert decided they needed a week off so 3 of 5 got pneumonia, two had ear infections & 2 infected feet (Mama was one of the infected feet). Only Daddy survived the week without antibiotics! Glad your week was an unplanned success! Rejoicing Always! Kyle @ Roosterhill Academy

  5. Hi-I enjoyed reading your weekly wrap-up. Agreeing with others that often our best weeks are the unplanned ones. It's fun to let them follow a unplanned path and see where it takes us!I loved the photo project too!

  6. I always like anything with photography! Looks like a fun week!

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog from the weekly wrap-up (I love to 'meet' new people!).
    What's the kitty's name? Ours is Kawaii (my dd has a 'thing' for things Japanese...)
    I'm with you on the feelings of less-than-love when it comes to painting..we'll be doing our house (outside) when it warms up... not looking forward to it!
    Hope your week is good :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by Blossom. Her name is Domino--our perpetual kitty. She's not so young anymore, but still acts like a little kitty.


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