Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Memory Work Plan

We've always included memory work in our school.  In past years, I've not been quite organized so it happened a bit haphazardly.  This year, I am excited to have a plan in place to help memory time happen.

Math facts

I found these nifty math games at http://www.currclick.com/.   We worked our way through the multiplying facts and the irregular verb tense game produced by the same company.   This was  a fun way to review and solidify those facts.
For poetry we are working through IEW's Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization,  I used this program with my older children.  We still remember fondly  Ooeey   Goooeeeeyyyyyyy!

Vocabulary is short and sweet with Vocabulary Cartoons.  Each day we look at the word and picture.  I read the example sentences.  We repeat the word definition.   Each day we add another word and review a few words from past days.   Sometime later in the day, I make a point to bring up our vocabulary word of the day to further review it.  Every ten days or so, we have a quiz.  

Anatomy is covered through Lyrical life science.   A CD is popped in.  We listen to the song (with varying degrees of ethusimasim) and work on filling out the accompanying worksheet.   One worksheet per week--which makes most units last three weeks.   My goal is for the kids to memorize the parts of the body not to go into depth about each of those body parts.  I have found that I do need to make charts each week with facts to memorize to go with the worksheets. I make these using information from the textbook.   When I don't do this--I notice that my kiddos simply fill in the sheets and move on. I try to keep the review from past days to three minutes and the new information to five minutes.  Also, with all the charts review is easy to do. 

E requested memorizing scripture mastery scriptures so he will have a head start at seminary next year.  We've started with the Doctrine and Covenants.

Lyrical Life Science Human Body  as well as Math Games will not take us through the entire year.   We may move on to another Lyrical Life Science Book.   And we will work on memorizing all the states of the United States using these lovely maps. (Which I have 100-not the nine shown (and which I have lugged across 13 states-twice))  We are also using these Wrap-Ups to memorize capitals and abbreviations.

Memory time is an enjoyable 30-45 minutes in our home.   Ultimately worth the extra resources and few hours of planning time required.    

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