Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why I Homeschool

I homeschool because I want to be the one to be there
 my angels come to me excited about that first word
 read by themselves.


  1. Why I Homeschool because that is what the Lord wants me to do. My son is learning more everyday. I love homeschooling and watching him grow in the Lord! I am a new follower and my blog is

  2. I am glad you home school. I could never do it but i have many friends doing it ! More power to you !
    loving you blog !
    Come follow me back !

  3. I believe it takes a special person to Homeschool their children. You are amazing for taking that on. I keep telling my husband the crazier that our public school systems get in Texas, the more worried I get about what type of education our children will get if we put them in the school system!

    Thanks for stopping by!!


  4. Ditto! I love homeschooling even though we sometimes have very trying days. I wouldn't change it though!

  5. Beautiful pictures and I love the passion you have for homeschooling! Thanks for stopping by our blog!


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