Monday, October 31, 2011

Best tool for writing ever! 
  Gone are the days of printing out the writing assignment.  
  Gone are the days of cross-outs, red pens, and scribbled out mistakes. 
 Gone are the days of hurt and overwhelmed feelings.   

Instead my daughter shares her work with me.  
 I sit on one couch and she sits on the other. 
 Opening the document, I spy her green cursor, and she is delighted by my pink one. 
  We are able to discuss the writing and fix any problems immediately.  
Either she or I can fix those problems on our computer. 

Google Docs has changed our homeschool for the better.  

How has technology  changed the way you do things in your homeschool?  

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  1. just answered a question that I've been meaning to look into! :) THANK YOU! I have been wanting to incorporate Google Docs into my tutoring sessions but wasn't sure if we could both look at the same document in real time. Thanks!

  2. This sounds great. I will have to try it out! My boys are going to be starting a writing class this week, so I bet this will come in handy. Thanks for the info.

    Many blessings,

  3. I am so glad I clicked on your link at hip homeschool moms...great idea! I don't know why I didn't think of this before now. Thanks! My digital advancement is the kindle. We purchased one and now my daughter reads all the classics with it, and they are free. It is a wonderful tool.

  4. Oh, wow! I didn't even know this was out there! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to look it over later (when I have more time).

    We used the laptop for our schooling, but like Savannah, I hope to get a Kindle Color for Christmas and some really cool learning aps for the kids along with books, videos, etc.

  5. What a good idea! I have to look into that. Thank you.


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