Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 8

We had the kind of week a homeschool mom dreams all her weeks will be!  And I attribute it to ME!  Me finally focusing on school first!  Me getting up and insisting our day start at 8 AM sharp!  It's amazing what can be accomplished when mom is on board and raring to go!  I'm going to continue working on my motivation levels in the mornings and try to keep up the momentum.

Our days started with history covering Gutenberg, the House of Hapsburg, Machiavelli, and the Songhay Empire.   We made list, wrote paragraphs, expressed opinions in editorials, colored maps, and added to our time lines.

I-E's history portfolio pages this week

And E-R's pages this week.

I-E's timeline book--pages are filling up.

E-R's timeline page.

In Mapping the World Through Art, we reviewed lesson six in geography---Aral Sea, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea.   As well as putting them into the proper place in the world along with the other maps we've completed.

I-E's map of the Caspian Sea

And actually getting to nature study was another accomplishment this week.  I figured it's been 8 weeks--am I on board with it or not?   So, I decided to make it happen.   We found lots to look at and even journaled a bit about it.  I will be sure to have a post just about that next week.

We practiced our memory work which is covered at Memory Monday (which is still open to link up, if you would like to join in)

Math time found us engaged in figuring out percentages as they pertain to tips, interest, discounts, and sales tax.

In grammar, we studied clauses, independent and dependent, and topic sentences. For literature the girls are reading The White Stallion of Lipizza.  Spelling is one area that we are struggling.   I have used Sequential Spelling with my older children, and they all did well with the program.   It is not working for E-R and I-E.  We cover the same lesson over and over again without them catching on.   So, I am on the look out for a new spelling program.   I've looked at SpellingCity, but hesitate to use something computer based though I like the free aspect to it.   Our vocabulary study is already online, and I think that is enough online work for now.   Any suggestions would be great!   I'm not too excited about workbooks, but perhaps this is the time and the place for one.

In Atelier Art this week we studied and practiced creating American Primitive Painting.  I love this style of painting and am excited to have my girls join in this love.

E-R's painting

I-E's painting

 We also read The Essential Grandma Moses, a great little book about one of my favorite artist.

And the last two weeks of Shakespeare have been spent blocking the play and memorizing lines.

I am hoping to keep the momentum rolling with school.  I think it helps to know I have a week break coming up in two weeks.   How did your week work out?

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  1. Looks like a great week!

    Spelling suggestions:
    Well, we adore All About Spelling, but it is not cheap and you really do need to start at the first level even when beginning with an older child. You'll fly through at first but lay a great foundation for them.

    I say if the Spelling City is free then why not try it? Yep, I get the idea that computer time can get too much. I'm not familiar with Spelling City, but could you split it between time on the computer and time doing the old fashioned 'oral spelling/spelling bee style' on alternating days for their words?

  2. Looks awesome! Great art work too :)

    I agree, it is amazing what can be accomplished when we are prepared and ready to go. Good for you!

  3. Can you share some of your morning motivation? I need a push :) You are very correct in your attributing your great week to your "up and at 'em" attitude. I need to follow your example ;)

  4. Wow, what a super productive week! The art works look really good.

  5. Wow! I am SO impressed with how much you got done this week. Way to go! :-) I need some of your motivation. The kids work really looks great.

    Many blessings,

  6. You did great! How old are your kids? (Love the history work!!)

  7. I'm inspired by your get-up-and-go attitude! It's very encouraging.

  8. Our week wasn't as focussed as yours, partially because *I* wasn't as focussed as you. Sigh. However, your post is inspiring me to greater things next week rather than leaving me wallowing in guilt. So, thank you!

  9. I need some morning motivation as well. Great weeks, glad you had everything done!

  10. Wow! It does look like a great week, and yes, it all has to do with our attitudes as the mother/teacher, right? :-)

    We are using Sequential Spelling but I am not loving it. In fact, I'm not even really liking it. I'm thinking about switching over to All About Spelling. I have it, but I am loathe to use it because of the time factor. However, if it gets results, I might have to bite the bullet and do it.

  11. I agree - it all starts with Mom. We've had a couple of weeks where Mom just wasn't on her game - but after reading your post, I think I just may set the (gasp!) alarm a little earlier tomorrow and get the week off to a good start.
    The history work looks fabulous! Kudos to the kids.

  12. You are so right! If mom is up and ready for the day, then school does seem to go better. Sometimes I wish so much didn't rely so heavily on me, but we are to be the example. Your history portfolio art lessons look so neat!

  13. This was a great week! Way to go mom. Having a great week feels so good. I ordered Building Spelling Skills by Christian Liberty Press. It is a workbook but you could modify the excercises.

  14. Oh, I'm looking forward to a week break coming up too! Thank goodness for holidays every once in a while. :)

    Looks like you had a fabulous week! Mom's motivation really does make such a difference. I love those weeks when I'm on top of things. Sadly, they don't happen often enough. I'm hoping I can capitalize on the time change this week. We were all up bright and early and ready to go this morning. I hope it continues.

    I love the work you're doing in your history portfolios by the way.


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