Monday, October 31, 2011

Memory Monday 10.31.2011

We are behind according to my lovely list I put together this past summer.    Oh, how that hurts!   But in my on-going struggle to go with the flow of life and learn not to control everything I am realizing the learning process is just as important as the actual end product.    Even though we are not moving on to week five of The Living Christ project, I realize how much we are learning about Christ in the process of memorizing.   

Parts were assigned for The Winter's Tale and memorizing of lines has begun.   Our lunch time is filled with Mamillius and Archidamus lines.   

In Math we are working on memorizing the prime numbers under 100.

And we continue working on memorizing A Grammar Catechism.   

What are you working on memorizing this week?  

The linky will be open for the week, so feel free to add your post anytime this week.


  1. Good for you staying on a week you need more work with! Sometimes it is so hard to get off our "schedule", isn't it? But it is worth it!

  2. Keep up the good work! We are behind too.....the best laid plans seem to always get changed or messed up. But persevere! Your kids are learning!
    We are working on AWANA verses and the days of the week and the months. Whew! The months are hard to remember. My littles are memorizing nursery rhymes. We will get Hickory Dickory Dock one day!


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