Saturday, February 6, 2010

Education Update February 1-5, 2010

Sloooowwwwww Weeekkkkkk

Monday was a day off for A-M and N, so we went to the Natural History Musuem in Los Angeles.   I had never been there before, but was pleasantly surprised.   We visited the discovery room with a "dinasour dig," live insects and reptiles, and fossels and furs to touch.   Next, we ventured to the gem gallery where we spent about 1 1/2 hours reviewing the different types of rocks and just enjoying all the beautiful gems.

Some of our favorites:

uncut emeraldssapphires before and after cutting

Tuesday was another field trip day.   We visited the Santa Barabra Art Musuem to take a tour of Asian art gallery.    The tour was loooonnnnnnnggggggggg and more geared towards adults with an intense interest in religion in art.    After we managed to melt away from the tour (not so gracefully-I might add),  we actually enjoyed exploring the gallery.   The Shang and Zhou dynasty was well represented.  I find this amazing considering the pieces we saw were about 3000 years old.  

After two field trips in a row, I felt behind all week.    We didn't get to history and science was just an afterthought.   E finished chapter 2 in Rod and Staff English and started working on narrations in Write Source.  

We did do quite a bit in math this week.    Continuing on with our geometry bulletin board, we learned about triangles---equalateral, scalene, isosceles, acute, right, and obtuse.   E made a nice display of a circle and its properties. 

Our art lesson this week continued on with negative space with a focus on Asian art.   We painted scrolls making sure to balance our negative and postive space.

I love the idea of field trips, but they do take us out of our routine.   Which I suppose is okay occasionally, but over-all I like the routine and feeling of accomplishment we get when we get more things checked off.  


  1. ooh, pretty gems! And I love the paintings--very nice!

  2. The field trips sound like a good way to break up the routine, but I agree they get the rest of the week out of balance. I spent hours in the Santa Barbara Art Museum as a student as UCSB. It wasn't much of a kid place back then either. It was nice that you did some art work to tie in your field trip. The L.A. Natural History Museum and S.B. are kinda far from each other--Lots of driving.
    I look forward to your post next week.

  3. Field trips like that may break the routine (and I understand because I, too, like my routine), but they build wonderful memories that create a joy of learning! Good job lighting that fire.

  4. I understand your need to "catch up" after a field trip or two. Just keep in mind that there really is no one in front of you! I remind myself of this FREQUENTLY!

    It sounds like y'all had a wonderful week.

  5. Love the gems and painting. Looks like one great week!


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