Friday, February 19, 2010

Education Update February 15-19, 2010

After getting back from our long drive, we finished our archeology dig. We've been working on our dig off and on for a long time! We've finally exacavited a terra cotta soldier and a greek vase. Unfortunally, we are not that great of archeoligists! Our vase was not salvagable. And our soldier lost his head! He hasn't been the same since. We have tried to reattach his head quite a few times with no lasting luck!

These are what we started with!
 Our dig to begin with this--way back in Oct.

Everyone intently working.

messy workOur man begins to emerge.

Final result!
He's still standing strong and looking proud even without his head!

Our Dig was fun, but did take a LONG time to complete.   That being said, we have this waiting in the garage!  


E is reading A Wrinkle in Time for Lit

E-R is enjoying Ginger Pye--even though she claims it is "really long!"

I-E is quite enthralled with the characters in The Good Dog.

E-R and I-E continued on with Sequential Spelling.  E is still awaiting his new level of Sequential Spelling.
E finished Chapter 3 in R & S.   I'm kinda wondering if we should move on to Level 6.  Everything we've covered so far is review for him.  He also has worked in his Figurative Language workbook concentrating on imagary.
E is getting ready for his writing test in a week or so.  On Tuesday, he practiced writing a persuasive essay. On Thursday, we started learning about writing a  response to literature. 

In history this week, we started learning about Ancient India.  We covered the Indus Valley people and the Aryans.  E-R and I-E wrote reports on the caste system and its origins.  E read and outlined chapters 8 and 9 in volume two of SOTW.  These chapters cover the middle ages in China and Japan. 

E's map of the Indus Valley Area.

In Science this week, we watched Earth Science in Action: Minerals and Earthquakes.  And everyone added a page on the different kinds of earthquakes to their science notebooks.

E really likes his French class.  He worked on it everyday.  He's to a point that he can't go any further until we get him a microphone, so that is on my list to do this weekend. 

Art didn't happen this week, because math s   t    r   e    c     h    t    e     d       o      u      t  for so long today.   But we are finally done with our geometry unit and E-R and I-E will begin 4B of Singapore Math on Monday.  E-R and I-E did take some time to play some math games including the popular fraction burger game.

Doesn't it look good enough to eat?


  1. Those digs look GREAT! My kids would love something like that. Great week.

  2. 2nding what Daisy said. That looks like FUN and your pictures really capture the kids enthusiasm! We love L'Engle here. She is a brilliant writer. Sounds like you had an awesome week!

  3. Wow, the dig kits do look great! I wish I'd known about them when we did ancients last year. The honey farm visit sounds like fun too!

  4. Ginger Pye is not just a book - it is a transcendent experience. At least, that is what my older girls would say! My 9yo read it recently and loved it as well.


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