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Lesson Plan Utilizing Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

This is a science course I put together using Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop as our core.   I've added information to this science kit using the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, the Usborne Science Encyclopedia Internet Linked, and the Internet in order to make the kit a complete science course.   This course is written to work best for grades 6-8.   You can adjust the expectations to work with your student.

Be sure to check out my post, How to Create a Science Course From a Science Kit, so you can create your own course using any science kit.  

Day 1
Read p 540-541of Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia.(KSE)
Read p 6 of Thames & Kosmos Physics Booklet (T&P)
Start a Physics Notebook--Decorate Front of Binder--include some of Physics ?s
Take Physics Quiz included in T&P Booklet

Day 2
T&P Booklet p 7-9
Workshop 1
Experiment 1
Write up experiment
In science notebook define: gravity, mass, weight, center of gravity, gravitation
Day 3
T&P Booklet p 10-11
Workshop II
Experiment 2
In science notebook define:  equilibrium (using KSE)
Day 4
Usborne Science Encyclopedia Internet Linked (USE) p 130-131
Read and take notes in science encyclopedia
Check out websites 2,3, and 6
Day 5
T&P Booklet p 12
Workshop III
Science Notebook(SN) define: speed, velocity( look up in KSE)
Day 6
T&P Booklet p 13-14
Workshop IV
Experiment 3
Write up experiment in SN
Day 7
USE p 126-127
Look up link 1,2, & 7
Define new terms in SN
Look up links 3 & 5 for fun
Day 8
T&P p 14-15, 16
Experiment 4
Workshop V
Experiment 5
Experiment 6--Write up experiment in SN
Day 9
T&P Booklet p 16-17
Workshop VI
Draw and label force scale in SN
Day 10
T&P Booklet p 17-18
Workshop VII
Experiment 7 & 8
Write up Experiment 7 in SN
Review keywords for vocabulary quiz
Day 11
T&K Booklet p 18-20
Workshop VIII
Take Quiz
Day 12
T &K Booklet p20-21
Workshop IX
Experiment 9
Write up Experiment in SN
Day 13
T&K Booklet p 21
Experiment 10
Write up Experiment in SN
Day 14
T&K Booklet p 22
USE p 134
Draw and Define a Lever
USE p 135 link 1
T&K Booklet p 23
Workshop X
Experiment 11
Write up Experiment in SN
Day 16
T&K Booklet p 24
Workshop XI
Day 17
T&K Booklet p 24
Workshp XII
Sketch and label for SN
Day 18
USE p 135
KSE pulley
Draw, label, and define a pulley in SN
Look up website 1 on page 136 of USE
Day 19
T&K Booklet p 25-26
Workshop XIII
Experiment 12 and 13
Chose Experiment to write up in SN
Day 20
T&K Booklet p 26
Workshop XIV
Day 21
USE p 135 Inclined Planes
Look up website 8
KSE--look up inclined plane
Draw and label an inclined plane in SN
Day 22
T&K Booklet p 27
Workshop XV
Experiment 14
Write up Experiment 14 in SN
Day 23
KSE look up Friction
USE p 124-125
Write a short  paragraph summarizing information about Friction
Look up website 3
Day 24
T&K Booklet p 28
Experiment 15
Day 25
T&K Booklet p 29-30
Workshop XVI
Experiment 14
Write up Experiment in SN
Day 26
T&K Booklet p 31-32
Workshop XVII
Experiment 17
Write up Experiment 17 in SN
Day 27
T&K Booklet p 33-34
Experiment 18
Write up experiment in SN
Day 28
T&K Booklet p 35-36
Experiment 19
USE p 134 Wheels
Look up Website 1--wheels
Write a paragraph about wheels
Day 29
USE p 135 Gears
Look up link 1--gears
Write up paragraph about gears
Day 30
T&K Booklet p 37-38
Workshop XVIII
Experiment 20
Write up Experiment in SN
Study for simple machine quiz
Day 31
T&K Booklet p 39
Workshop XIX
Experiment 21
Write up Experiment in SN
Day 32
T&K Booklet p 40
Workshop XX
Take quiz
Day 33
T&K Booklet p 41
Workshop XXI
Write summary of Transmission of Force with a Crank Drive for SN
Day 34
T&K Booklet p 41
Workshop XXII
Experiment 22
Write up Experiment in SN
Day 35
T&K Booklet p 42
Workshop XXIII
Day 36
T&K Booklet p 43
Forces at Work
Summarize for SN--include pictures
Day 37
T&K Booklet p 44
Workshop XXIV
Experiment 23
Write up Experiment 23 in SN
Day 38
T&K Booklet p 45
Workshop XXV
Define potential and kinetic energy
Day 39
Research and write one page report on China's Mega Power Plant

To be continued.....

This is my work. Feel free to link, but please do not copy and paste this on another website.   This is for your personal use.  Please do not use within a classroom or co-op setting.   If you wish to do so, connect me to arrange details.  Feel free to let me know what worked and what didn't work in this lesson plan.

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