Friday, February 12, 2010

Education Update February 9-12, 2010

We have a short week this week due to a long President's weekend.   Snow camp was scheduled for N, but because of a nasty virus hanging around our house he's missing it.   He missed his statistic and tennis class on Tues, but has manage to make it to all of his other classes this week.   I'm always impressed at how dedicated he is when it comes to his classes.  

A-M has also been feeling under the weather,  but has made it to seminary and school all week.   Don't my kids know sickness is a valid excuse for lazying around a few days?

Math:   This week I-E and E-R continued on with geometry.   We covered circles, solid figures, nets, and perimeter and area.   I thought perimeter and area would be an easy review that we could breeze through.  Not so much.   So, we will continue with it next week.   Perhaps once their brains have some time to mull it over this weekend, the concepts will easier.    E continued with Teaching Textbooks completing lessons 101-107.   He's 10 lessons away from finishing!

E-R with her solids!

History:   We rushed through the section in History Odyssey on the Hebrew people.   We are reading the Old Testament this year, so I didn't feel the need to linger to much on this in history.   I did want my kids to get the dates plugged in with the other cultures we're studying this year.

Language Arts:   I've been concentrating on working with E to get him ready for his writing test next month.   This week we worked on narrative writing.   He also worked in Rod and Staff on nouns--common, proper, and plural.   E-R and I-E worked some more in their test prep booklets working on comparing and contrasting and finding the main idea in informational material.   They also continued in Sequential Spelling.  E tested out of his level of Sequential Spelling, and we are waiting for the next level to arrive. 

Science:   We read the second chapter of Story of Science which covered creation stories from around the world and the process of science.

PE:   This week all the kids, except N, continued with swim team.   Friday is the swim-a-thon.   The kids' goal is to swim a mile which is 35 laps.    N started tennis last week.   The four mile run required each week was a shock, but over all he is pleased with the program.  

French:  This week E started his Power Glide French and is pleased with it so far.   I'll report back more about it after we've had time to use it more.   If it goes well, I may order the Spanish version for E-R and I-E.

Spanish:  We completed one more Elemantary Spanish lesson.   E-R checked out Muzzy from the library and wanted to watch that so E-R and I-E watched that twice this week.

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy house! Wow, 35 laps in the pool? I'd drown. Awesome to be so close to finishing TT. Good job!


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