Friday, February 12, 2010

Kitchens and Gratitude

I am grateful for my kitchen.  It is small and disfuntional.   It is ugly and broken.   When guest come and use the faucet, I always yell, "You broke it!  You have to buy me a new one!"  as the faucet handle clunks into the sink.  Everyone laughs and "fixes" it.   Some days I get weary of not being able to tromp into the kitchen in my stocking feet because of the puddles.   I just tell myself--it could be worse.

I've been spoiled with kitchens without even realizing it.   The first home we bought had a wonderful kitchen.   I enjoyed the five burner stove, the twin ovens, the indoor grill, the windows overlooking the bay, the ample counter space, and all the other wonderful items that made it the center of our home.   But I wasn't grateful!   The main color of that kitchen was yellow.   Not bright yellow, not soft sunny yellow, but that wonderful golden harvest yellow that was popular back in the 1970's.   Oh how we complained about the yellow that marked ever detail right down to the light fixture.   

First forward to our next home.   What a beautiful kitchen after I removed the cherry-sprigged wallpaper.   Large cherry wood cabinets, butler's pantry with a marble countertop and a built in china cabinet, four tall windows framed in mahagony, tall ceilings, a beautiful etched glass door marked this kitchen as one of elegance.   Yet, I still complained.   I didn't have enough countertops, the layout was nonfunctional, I couldn't figure out where to put more cabinets, among other problems.  

Fast forward to the kitchen I have now.   It is tiny,   The countertops are old fake plastic wood.   The cabinets are dark plywood.   The drop ceiling has dropped all right.   Cabinet doors are missing.   The sink leaks.   The floor is wearing through to the concrete.   Not all the burners work on the stove.   The dishwasher is long past its prime.  For a time it didn't have a fridge.  And yet, I cook meals for my family in that kitchen.   I provide comfort and love for many in my kitchen.  

I think I've learned about gratitude.   I think about the women of the world providing for their families with so much less and I am humbled I have so much.  I'm sure I have more to learn on this subject, but for now I know the Lord has wanted me to realize I am blessed now.

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