Friday, September 30, 2011

Gardens of the World Field Trip

This week we got a chance to visit a charming little botanical garden called Gardens of the World.

Featuring six separate garden areas on four and a half acres, it was the perfect size for a beautiful morning walk.

While gathering everybody and everything we needed to get out the door, I noticed E-R dragging.   When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she hated going to museums and gardens.   She expressed just how boring they are to her quite well!   I told her that this was my choice and she could make the choice for our next field trip.

As my children have gotten older I have given in when they complain that they would rather stay home, but a few weeks ago one of my children mentioned that we never go anywhere anymore.   At that point I decided we were going to go ahead and go whether they wanted to or not.  

We pulled into the parking lot and hopped out.  Right at the entrance was the neatest chess set.  E-R was out of the car in a flash to check-out if it was there to be used.   So much for just wanting to stay home and not visit boring old gardens.

Battling it out!

Next we strolled through the French Gardens.

The center piece of this garden is a replica of the fountain at  the Palace of Versailles.  

A tiny clue we were headed towards the Japanese Garden. 

If you look closely at the left hand side of the picture just about in the middle you will see a brown blob.  That brown blob is a HUGE spider that was suspended about 10 feet above the path.   

California Mission Courtyard Garden

I was pleasantly surprised to come around the corner and find this diminutive sculpture of Jesus washing Peter's Feet.  

 At the English Rose Garden E-R fell in love with taking pictures of the roses.   She told me that perhaps she wants to become a photographer.   

I think she did a beautiful job.   

Last but not least was the Roman Garden.  I loved it.   I could have sat on the bench and gazed at this chain fountain forever.   I love flowers and colors, but the only flowers in this garden are the lavender plants.   It was so relaxing.  Perhaps,  I need to think about the color palette in my garden.  

I think the best part of the day for my kids was the opportunity to be in front of the camera!  "Mom, Mom take my picture!" rang out throughout the entire morning.  

What did I really learn from this field trip?   I learned I need to power through those teenage complaints, moans, and groans that staying home to lounge, watch tv, and play video games would be a better use of time.  I thought our visit might be marred by complaints and poutiness, but instead it was filled with charming excited children.   I will have my kids help pick the places we visit, but museums, gardens, and all other educational places here we come.

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  1. I want to come on a field trip of yours! How fun!

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  3. I'm glad I check out this post! What a beautiful place. Good thing you power through the resistance to arrive at such lovely gardens.

  4. I love this! I want to ask where it was but I figure you are far away from me since I found your post on MMB. It looks awesome though!!! I love gardens and water and flowers!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. OH, that looks like a beautiful place to visit!! Sometimes we just have to give them a little nudge and they discover beauty all on their own.

  6. That looks like an amazing place. I just wish that I were a little closer!

  7. What an awesome field trip! I'm totally inspired now!-)
    The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

  8. What a neat place!! Except for the spider (((shudder))).
    We've also decided there are times everyone has to come on our outings, whether they want to or not, and usually they are glad they came :) But there are times I let some stay home too, then I might go out to ice cream or something to reward the ones who came :)

  9. What a beautiful place! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a new follower.

  10. What a fabulous garden and it looked like you had a perfect day for it:) Thanks for for linking up to the Field trip hop and spreading the word. We just got back from a trip to Greece hence the reason I took longer to comment. I will be posting about it this week:)

  11. Beautiful! I love gardens and you have some great pics here! Thanks for l inking up!

  12. I love botanical gardens. We don't have any local to take the kids to, but I would love to take them sometime.

  13. That looks like such a fun field trip! I honestly would love to go there! Good job being a tough mom, too... it sets a good example for the rest of us.

  14. I had never heard of Gardens of the World! Thanks for sharing! I'm stopping by from the Field Trip Blog Hop and I'm loving the travel pictures.


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