Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 3

Okay, it's the third complete week of our homeschool year.   One would think I would have it all together and be in full swing.   One would be wrong.    Perhaps it's the dreary gray days; perhaps it's the lack of sleep.   What ever it is, I'm haven't been feeling so motivated.   We've plugged along, but not at the pace I had envisioned we would be at at this place in the school year.

English:  We finished up our chapter on Punctuation and Capitalization with a test that was not passed with flying colors.    I decided we would move on, but focus on one rule at a time with the writing the girls are doing for history.   We moved on to the first chapter of our Rod and Staff books and skimmed over the first few lessons on The English Language, Sentences, and Subjects and Predicates.  We completed two spelling lessons---have to do a bit better next week.  The Sentence Composing Book led the girls through using prepositional phrases to combine sentences.

Math:   This week we worked on Graphs of Functions and of course continued working through Key to Fractions and Key to Percents.

Nature Study:   We didn't work on any of the challenges at The Handbook of Nature Study Blog; instead I-E created a garden bed.   A bit of bloodshed was involved, but look at what she ended up creating!

 On Friday she planted some seedlings and carrot seeds.

E-R helped me in my garden.   She collected zinnia seeds for next year and harvested some beans which had grown a bit bigger than we like.   Opening the seed pods, she discovered these beautiful pink and purple

Both girls observed an abundance of little lizards.   We'll have to look into the life cycle of a lizard and find out when their young are normally produced.

History:  History was a slow go this week.  The goal was to complete four artist life sketches and place them in our history portfolios with an example of their artwork.   E-R wrote one life sketch on Leonardo D'Vinci .   So I suppose we need to step up the pace this coming week.

Geography: In geography we learned how to sketch Italy from memory.  We also reviewed the other maps (Mesopotia, Nile River region, and Greece) we've learned how to draw.   The hardest part of the review is spelling everything on the maps correctly!

Memory Work:  Be sure to check back on Monday for my Memory Monday link-up.  Feel free to share what is working for you and check out other's Memory work.  

I've started to catch up on my rest and am determined to have a more productive week this week.   


  1. It looks like a great week. I can't wait to be settled somewhere again and start a garden of some sort. I love your memory map work. Do you use a curriculum for this?

  2. We are using Mapping the World with Art. I highly recommend it. It breaks down the drawing into easy doable steps.


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