Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 22 and 23

These last few weeks have been hard.    A family friend died in a tragic way a few weeks ago, and a family member made some choices that have affected and hurt many around him.   I have been working through the circumstances as best as I can, but it has been exhausting emotionally and mentally.  
Life continued on as usual though and needed to be enjoyed.  So here are pictures of us doing just that:     
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Terra Cotta Soldiers 006


  1. Sorry it's been a hard few weeks! Praying for you and yours!

    Gorgeous pictures, as always!

  2. Sorry for your struggles. Love the pictures!

  3. Sorry you guys have a had a hard time lately, hope things get better soon :).

  4. Sometimes the hard times are what make us stronger. So proud of you. Remember the good times and let go of anything that hurts.

  5. It's hard to enjoy when times are hard. Especially when family members make difficult choices. Thanks for reminding me to try to enjoy. I hope your life soon gets happier and that the family member changes his mind.

    I've got to get over our family member's bad choices, because I've got a hubby and 4 kids to provide cheerfulness for. Usually I manage, but some days are tough. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I am so sorry! Praying for God's blessing on you & your family.

  7. Sorry to hear of your loss. Take it easy and just let yourself be in the moment. Sometimes you just have to cry and order takeout. Journal all that you are feeling, it really is theraputic. Write until you just can't write anymore.


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