Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Pageant las vegas 079

A Few Spheres to Celebrate Pi Day!


  1. This picture is so neat I love the color!
    I had a really hard time viewing this page for some reason and it give me issues when I tried to comment, making me refresh the page a couple times before it would load correctly. Just thought you should know.
    Hope you have an awesome day!


  2. So pretty! The pop of color is gorgeous.

  3. Samantha, thanks for letting me know. I think it is the dynamic view that causes the problems. I love the clean look of it--too bad it has so many bugs. I'm back to the classic template-hoping that fixes the problem.

  4. I saw something about pi day on twitter and it took me a few moments to figure it out. duh.

    Have a great Wednesday!


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