Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Terra Cotta Soldiers Field Trip

We were recently able to visit the Bower Museum’s Warriors : Tombs and Temples.    If the exhibit comes to a museum near you, be sure to visit!   It was an awesome exhibit!

The tour started out with a brief history of  the three dynasties featured in the exhibit.  

The Qin DynastyTerra Cotta Soldiers 010

The Han Dynasty Terra Cotta Soldiers 011

and The Tang DynastyTerra Cotta Soldiers 012

The exhibit featured several of the famous life-sized terra cotta soldiers found protecting Emperor Qin’s tomb (which the Chinese government has deemed too  sacred to breech). 

Terra Cotta Soldiers 013

Terra Cotta Soldiers 016

The size of the figures are impressive as is the individuality of each figure.   Every face different!

Terra Cotta Soldiers 024Terra Cotta Soldiers 025Terra Cotta Soldiers 026Terra Cotta Soldiers 027Terra Cotta Soldiers 028Terra Cotta Soldiers 029Terra Cotta Soldiers 030Terra Cotta Soldiers 031Terra Cotta Soldiers 032Terra Cotta Soldiers 033Terra Cotta Soldiers 034Terra Cotta Soldiers 035Terra Cotta Soldiers 036Terra Cotta Soldiers 037Terra Cotta Soldiers 038Terra Cotta Soldiers 039Terra Cotta Soldiers 040Terra Cotta Soldiers 041

The burial pits featured not only soldiers, but also life-sized horses.

Terra Cotta Soldiers 017

Fighting my way through a crowd of boys, I found a case filled with weapons found in the pits with the soldiers.

Terra Cotta Soldiers 023

Terra Cotta Soldiers 021

Since the Terra Cotta Soldiers have been discovered, many other Tombs have been uncovered.   Turns out Emperor Qin was not too popular a person.   He did much to unify China, but wasn’t above high taxes and working people to death.   So after his death, other tombs were protected by smaller armies---about two feet in height—as a protest to Qin’s extravagant burial. 

Terra Cotta Soldiers 043

Terra Cotta Soldiers 044

Terra Cotta Soldiers 045

Terra Cotta Soldiers 047

Like Egyptians’ belief in the afterlife, the Chinese believed the dead would need everything they had during their earthly life in the next life. 

Terra Cotta Soldiers 053

So they were buried with stoves,

Terra Cotta Soldiers 054

vessels, and farm animals (as well as farmers!).

Terra Cotta Soldiers 058Terra Cotta Soldiers 059Terra Cotta Soldiers 060Terra Cotta Soldiers 061

Next we entered a Tang Dynasty princess’ tomb full of amazing pieces of art.  

Terra Cotta Soldiers 069
Terra Cotta Soldiers 072Terra Cotta Soldiers 075Terra Cotta Soldiers 078Terra Cotta Soldiers 079Terra Cotta Soldiers 082Terra Cotta Soldiers 092

An amazing time was had by all at this amazing exhibit.

Terra Cotta Soldiers 103Terra Cotta Soldiers 112


  1. What a great field trip. It looks like they are gone now? (I can't find them on the Bowers website.) My boys would have loved to see them (though I think I'll be taking them to see the Gold exhibit).

  2. It has left The Bower Museum. You can check out an awesome overview of the exhibit here: The Gold exhibit does look pretty interesting. Our tour guide mentioned that an exhibit of Faberge Eggs will be coming soon. I definitely want to go see that one.

  3. What an amazing field trip! I don't see your kids forgetting this anytime soon!

  4. That is a wonderful field trip. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. This does sound like a fantastic field trip! Thanks for sharing it with Look! What We Did!

  6. That looks like a really cool field trip!

  7. I'm glad you shared this with Favorite Resources :) This post is a virtual field trip!

  8. This is so cool. We are just starting to study ancient China. I love your explanations. Do you live in China? I heard there is a replica of the Terra Cotta Soldiers in Texas.

  9. wow, this would be great when we study Ancient China! Wonder if we'll get something similiar around here ! Thanks for sharing at FTF!!

  10. Wonderful we are going to studying China next year and this is on my list. Great field tirp thanks for sharing on the Home school field trip hop

  11. It would be so fabulous to see this exhibit! Your family must have had a great time :-) My husband and I have always been fascinated by the terracotta warriors - what an incredible army to create. And the faces! Amazing - thanks for including photos of so many of them :-) One day we hope to visit China and see them.

    Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times :-)


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