Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 25


Spring is here! 


We have enjoyed the sunshine and worked on our garden this week.   Our potatoes are up and carrots and onions are planted.   On our patio we’ve planted tomatoes under the dryer vent and lettuce in the shade.  



In Math we came to a stand-still with our Singapore.    We worked through the lesson on finding the area of composite figures, but the homework didn’t work out so well.    The girls got most of the problems wrong, and I even after working through the problems numerous times I just can’t get my answers (or I-E’s and E-R’s ) to match up to the answers provided in the answer key.    My husband (also known as Mr. Math Genius) will have a math session with the girls this weekend to help them figure out the problems.   A big part of me feels that the answer key is wrong! (the answer key was wrong!)   In place of Singapore, the girls worked ahead in Key to Algebra.  

In English we’ve almost finished up pronouns.   Next week we will have a chapter review and test before moving onto adjectives.   We had one day of feeling lazy so instead of our usual lesson the girls put together a Jeopardy game.




It was an excellent way to review—and actually more work than working though a lesson (but I kept that info to my self).  

Essay Voyage focused on content  this week.  The more we work with Essay Voyage the more I like it.    I must admit the classic essays didn’t excite me, and the thought of skipping them did occur to me.   After reading excerpts from  Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, James Boswell’s biography of Samuel Johnson,  and Orwell’s Politics and the English Language, I am glad we ploughed through.    Often the vocabulary is difficult and the reading slow, but oh the rewards of sharing the ideas with my girls!  I love the discussions that have ensued.   Wish I had a few more thumbs---I’d give this program 6 thumbs up! 

In History we continued studying The Age of Exploration.    We read about Columbus, da Gama, Cabral, Cortes, and Cabot.  We  focused on note-taking and forming outlines from those notes.   The girls formed an outline from the notes they took last week from the article in The Almanac of World History.  Birth of a New World Religion also provided note-taking practice.  We discussed  what lead to Columbus’s “discovery”  of the New World as well as some of the consequences of that discovery.   Ended the week watching When Worlds Collide.  



I-E started new acting classes—improv and stage combat.  She learned how to perform a slap, a kick in stomach, and a hair pull!   E-R finished her pre-engineering class this week and will start robotics and animation classes in a few weeks.  

A busy, full, productive week with sunshine!  How was your week?

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  1. Wow! You are always very busy (and productive!). I am impressed. I love that your garden is underway and that your children are taking outside classes. Acting combat and robotics sound awesome! Are they taken through a co-op? What wonderful opportunities! Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings, Lisa

  2. Lisa, the acting classes are through a company called Much Ado and the Robotics class is through Playwell, a company with classes in different parts of the US. You can check them out

  3. I'm GREEN with envy that you've got your garden started! LOL (I couldn't help it! LOL) But we're ordering our seeds and plants soon! Whoop! We just can really plant anything until mid-April. (Our garden is still mostly FROZEN.)

    And yes, sometimes those answer keys just aren't right! LOL

  4. Looks like a wonderful week. I love that the answer key was wrong and your family had a sit down and figured it out. Lovely garden, I need to start garden asap.

  5. Sounds like a great week. My husband has the math brain in our family, so I hope he'll step in when my girls get to higher level math. Right now, most of what the girls do for math is hands-on and practical...I can handle that:)Love the garden photos! It's looking good:)


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