Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!   

Link up with your Pi Day Celebration! 

Link up your Pi Day Pinterest boards as well as your blog posts sharing your Pi Day Celebrations.   
I will be back a bit later today with our Pi Day Celebration!  
Stumped for ideas?
Check out Pi Day at Pinterest


  1. Thanks for the invite. Hope I didn't link up too many...we're big Pi-Day celebrators at our house.

  2. No such thing as too much Pi! Thanks for linking up, Polly.

  3. Over at Little Merry Sunshine we've been celebrating Pi Day for the past 2 years:

    Happy Pi Day! (2012 post):

    LMS's 1000th Post: Happy Pi Day! (2011 post):

    We love Pi Day, but we're big math geeks.

  4. Drats!! I was sorely unprepared this year but am greatly enjoying seeing what everyone else is up to. Also- lets plan something great for 2015. It gives us a few years to get our stuff together before the big 3.14.15 DAY!!


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