Monday, April 11, 2011

Memory Monday April 11-15, 2011

History:   We are beginning to memorize the Major Wars from the Almanac of World History.   The list is a bit long, so I'm not sure how long we'll spend on this.  I'm thinking about four weeks.  We'll start with the first third of the list. 
Trojan Wars--ca 1250 B.C.
Persian Wars--492-449 B.C.
Peloponnesian War--ca 431-404 B.C.
First Punic War--264-241 B.C.
Second Punic War--218-201 B.C.
Third Punic War--149-146 B.C.
First Crusades--1095-1099
Hundred Years War--1337-1453
Wars of the Roses--1455-1485
Thirty Years' War--1618-1648
English Civil War--1642-1648

Science:   We will be learning the Unit IV Ballad from the The Story of Science Newton at the Center Teacher Quest Guide.    It covers info about the scientists we've learned about in this unit---Ole Roemer, Geber, Boyle, Huygens, Bernoulli, Joseph Black, Cavendish, Scheele, and Lord Kelvin!   I plan to post a video this coming weekend with a performance.   These songs are one of the few things I don't require my kids to memorize word for word.   We have fun with these.   The Quest Guide suggest all the songs be sung to the tune of Home on the Range.   My kids have a blast putting the words to anything from show tunes to raps.   

English:   In a sentence with a divided quotation, each part of the quotation is enclosed in quotation marks.  The second part usually does not begin with a capital letter.    This rule is from Rod and Staff 5.

Poetry:   This week was I-E's turn to pick our poem and after much deliberation she choose Fog by Carl Sandberg.

Life Science:   Well to be truthful, I can't find my textbook to pick out our facts for the week!    So after I find it--I'll post our three facts about the circulatory system.

Geography:   We continue working on memorizing our capitals. 


  1. I think I'll save the wars for next year when we get back to ancients. I was wondering how old your kids are and do they all memorize the same things? I try to keep everyone here on the same stuff, but my 6yo just can't do it as well as the other two.

  2. Cellista, my kids are ages 11,11, and 13, so we all work on the same things. My kids in high school aren't joining us for memory time any more--other than scriptures which is more of a family thing. If I were you, I would pick one or two things (maybe poetry and/or scriptures) to do together, and then have everyone work on memorizing things within their own subject time--english, science, math, ect.


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