Monday, April 18, 2011

Grace's reading list

Recently a friend of mine, Sarah, (from back in the day when we both lived in that fab city of STL) innocently commented, "I would LOVE some ideas for chapter books for Grace. Got any you're willing to share?!"  I jumped all over that.  We love to read.  I have several kids that read non-stop when given the chance.   And I also think the world would be a better place if more people read. So I jumped at the chance to share a book list with Sarah and Grace.  Not to mention that Grace will definitely grow up to be some kind of mad-scientist genius, and I would love to be able to  say I helped shaped her in some shape or form!  

 Presenting Grace! 

"Grace is a busy nine-year old who constantly has her nose in a book. I should amend that statement, its not just her nose, but her whole self is in whichever book or series she's dived in to. She's been that way since she was three and discovered she could read "Go Dog Go." When she's not reading, she's lecturing about the intricacies of various books and plots she's read, playing the piano, swimming, or singing the latest Taylor Swift song. She and her brother switch over to the world of make-believe often and much of the time that world is comprised of her most recent reading. We love our Gracie, but are having a hard time keeping her in books. She just devours them so quickly! So Miss Moe, if you've got some book direction, please lead the way!!!" Sarah, aka Grace's Mom.

Grace has been busy reading lately, and some of the books she's read are:

Chronicles of Narnia
The first four Harry Potter Books
Oliver Twist
Because of Winn-Dixie
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Secret Garden
Bridges to Teribethia
A few American Girl Books
Certainly last and kinda least --since she did not enjoy it---The Wind and the Willows

So without further ado

On second thought we need a bit of ado


okay enough ado

The book list I am suggesting for Grace:





All of these books have been favorites in our home, and most I have read more than once.  * Books are the first book in a series. And the necessary fine print.
Preview books first so as to deem them suitable for your children.

Enjoy Grace and let us know how you enjoyed some of these books. 
Read some more about Grace and her family's adventures at 

I was featured at HHM 


  1. Yay!!! We will be hitting the library - VERY SOON!!! Thank you so much. We can't wait!

  2. Scrolling through these books brought back some great memories from my childhood and from reading them with my kids. Great blog!

  3. Love your list ... we own most of these, but I will be adding the others to our wishlist!

  4. It looks like I have good taste! Hello from nasty TX BTW


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