Thursday, April 7, 2011

What a Homechool Mom Does on Spring Break AKA What Makes a Homeschool Mom's Heart Go A-Pitter-Patter

So what does a homeschool gal do on a homeschool break?   Well organize her books of course!  

Here is bookshelf #1!   Other bookshelves shall not be named because they are not as impressive or perhaps have not even been touched!  Isn't it beautiful!  Impressive!   Organized! .

Look at each shelf-- organized according to subject!

Look at the acutal space between the neat stacks!

Neat colorful Easter Baskets organize all the important little stuff.

Our little head artwork completes this dreamy homeschool picture of organization.

Please don't touch! And it is only to be looked at from here on out--no acutal usage is allowed.


  1. haha, very cute! So impressed with your organization - and commitment to homeschooling.

    THanks for stopping by my site - returning the folow!

  2. Ha, Ha that is not what I did on Spring Break, and my book shelves look no where as nice as yours does. They never seem to stay neat for long.

  3. Hi there! You might want to check out my blog post today:) There is a little special something for you!!

  4. There's nothing like getting organized to make you feel calm and relaxed, huh! Found you on the tail spin hop. I would love it if you had a Homeschool group you belonged to, and would like to share it on our Mommy LaDy Club blog.

  5. Hi MissMoe,

    Thanks for following Mommy LaDy Club! and please let us know about your club or group at our Facebook discussions...

    There are some quick questions to answer, and tell us a bit about yourself, and then we post the interview on our homepage, as well as your link in our sidebar if you wish. Thanks so much! Courtney

  6. I love organization! My heart is pitter-pattering!


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