Monday, May 9, 2011

Memory Monday May 9, 2011

Happy Memory Monday.    Last Monday I realize I was AWOL;   I was suffering from a nasty sinus infection and would have rathered died than thought about Memory Work.!   Thanks to modern medicine and lots of naps, I have returned to the land of blogging.

But I do want to report that our on the go method we utilized during testing week worked brilliantly!   Having each child in charge of teaching the rest of us one thing worked wonders for flagging enthusiasm.   Having the visuals stored in the car made it easy to remember to review our memory work every time we got in the car.    Although we won't be traveling in the car as much every week as we did that week, I believe we will continue to use car time as review time.

This week we will focus on learning those wars I've been mentioning for so long.  

I made a poster including the dates of the war, name of war, and who was involved in the war.

This poster will most likely lean up against the wall in our dining room or living room.

Each tab has the winner of the war on the back

Then comes the game part (we live for games).   I made an overlay

with flaps on it.  Games will be invented I'm sure

involving dice, play money, and even chocolate

Because that's how we roll! 

Our grammar this week will be a continuation of conjunction rules

 A subordinating conjunction is a word that links a dependent clause to an independent clause.

An independent clause is a complete thought or sentence, including a subject and verb.

 A dependent clause is a thought that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence.

Science will include the needs of living things:

Living Space
Proper Temperatures

And also Classification of Living Things

What is your memory work this week?


  1. I really like the idea of having your kids teach each other. I know I always learn things better when I have to teach it to someone else. And, its a great use of car time!

  2. What a genius idea. As I'm sitting here reading your post at looking at your war board :) I realize that there are simple things like this that I could be doing to make everything come alive. Kudos!

  3. I've fallen off the memory work wagon, I need to get back on!

    but, I wanted to say I have a nifty mnemonic saying for the kingdoms

    King(dom) Phylum called his Class to Order so the Family Genus could learn about Species

    we were in CC last year and used it. :)


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