Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I Homeschool

I homeschool so my kids can learn to love learning.


  1. An excellent reason to homeschool. So many kids who go to public school absolutely hate it. Of course I homeschool, and my son hates math, LOL! Oh well, even that is not perfect.

  2. Such a short sentence yet it says so much!

    When I first started to homeschool my children I did without knowing how passionate I would become about/over the love of learning.

    I never had that during my childhood, I despised anything that had to with school. But, I never knew that learning was something that you could do outside those four walls without being told, just for pleasures sake.

  3. That sentence says so much! I homeschooled my kids through high school, and as adults they do still have a love of learning! Deb @

  4. great reason!

    (I'm following you now, popped over from the hive- I promise, no bathtubs, just hens!)

  5. Love this blog. I used to teach homeschool music programs in TN. All wonderful children. Following you from FNF

    I am at



  6. I've written a book on this very subject (that most kids hate school,) and I absolutely recommend homeschooling, among other things.
    Congrats on being ahead of the curve... as most parents think homeschooling is radical.
    Your kid will absolutely benefit from your decision!
    Ryan Teves


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