Monday, May 9, 2011

What are our real goals?

This is a repost from last year.   It's that time of year when I start thinking about our next school year.  

Eight more weeks of school left until summer break. This thought causes music to ring in homeschool moms' ears while at the same time riping right through their hearts! Summer--time to sleep in. Read lots of books. Enjoy the outdoors while nature studies naturally happen. A time to catch up on chores and organize the house from top to bottom. And best of all-- time to plan next year! And that is where the fear comes in. Only eight more weeks left!!! Those plans from last summer have not been fullfilled! The two science programs. The one and half math levels. The extended unit studies covering every last detail of ancient history. The mastery of spelling and the English language. The exploration of nuclear fission or was it fussion?

Why do homeschool moms place so much pressure on ourselves? Why is it that we have so much trouble setting reasonable goals and being satisified when those goals are met? Why is it not okay to have average kids--that sometimes struggle with reading, only finish one math program each school year, and misspell the same words over and over? These same kids may excell at swimming or music or thinking outside the box. Or perhaps, they exude kindness for their fellow man? They may read all the Judy Moody books and never become experts on the Civil War.

It's that time of year again. Time to plan next year. What are our real goals for next year?

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  1. Oh so true! What a great and refreshing reminder. I'm in the oh crud, look at all we didn't do camp as well.

  2. We are just wrapping up our school year (we begin in August), and I'm pretty happy with our growth this year. Admittedly, this is the first year that I truly feel this way rather than a bit anxious at finishing up the year end details... it only took 9 yrs to get there, lol. ;^)

  3. Hey! I know what you mean!! Oh the pressure! Thanks for hooking up with HHH. We love to see you on there. Following you now ;)

  4. Awesome post! Good question too. Why do we stress ourselves out so much? Personally I think it is because we get so much scrutiny from family and friends, as if we are teaching them nothing and just hanging out all day. I personally don't stress much about it, and just enjoy teaching my children.

  5. Hi, Stopping by from the Hip homeschool hop! Yes, I'm starting to think ahead to next year, also- I'm thinking hard about where we are going, this school year seems to have been a little bit direction-less for us. Here's to a better, more intentional year!



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