Monday, October 24, 2011

Memory Monday 10.24.2011

We are on fall break this week, but continue on with memorizing The Living Christ using Discover the Scriptures free helps.   We are a bit behind on our goal to memorize it before Christmas , so we will work on two sections this week.   I wouldn't normally try to catch up on something like this, but instead work from where we are.  But since we are on break and won't have other school work to do, I think this is achievable.  These sections also have easier vocabulary than the past two.

“Though sinless, He was 
baptized to fulfill all 
righteousness. He ‘went 
about doing good’ (Acts 10:38), 
yet was despised for it. His 
gospel was a message of 
peace and goodwill. He 
entreated all to follow His example. "

“He walked the roads of 
Palestine, healing the sick, 
causing the blind to see, and 
raising the dead. He taught the 
truths of eternity, the reality of 
our premortal existence, the 
purpose of our life on earth, 
and the potential for the sons 
and daughters of God in the life 
to come. He instituted the 
sacrament as a reminder of His 
great atoning sacrifice.”   

What's going on with memory work in your home?   

Feel free to link up your memory work this week.  

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