Friday, October 21, 2011

Solar Science Week Day Four

Our final day of  Solar Science Week again brought fog.   I had planned to drive inland to find sunny weather for our final project, using our solar ovens.   Alas, it was not to be.  I would have had to drive for a long time to find some sunny weather.   So, when that works out, I'll be sure to add it to our Solar Science Week.

We finished out our week continuing on the mosaic sundials.   Nipping the tiles into tiny pieces is hard on one's hands, and both E-R and I-E have decided they are glad not to be employed as tile workers in a cathedral.

Turns out I-E feel in love with building the different models included in our Thames and Kosmos Solar Power kit.   I required the girls to build two models each, and she went on to try her hand at all of them.    I'm thinking this kit will be in use for a while longer.

Planning supper took on a different meaning, after we learned how many sun days are in our different food choices.   Although I knew how much energy is used to raise beef, I never considered how much energy goes into dairy products. Quite an eye-opener.

Searching around the neighborhood in the fog, we found several different places nearby utilizing solar power.   The pool we swim at has solar panels atop the club house.   Another neighborhood pool implements a solar water heater.   This led to further research on our part, and we learned solar pool services abound in our area.   Both solar heating and solar power to run the electrical parts of pools.

E-R and I-E both played on this neat interactive UK Energy website.   They played several different games--involving renewable energy.   I'm not sure how educational it was, but was a fun way to end our Solar Science Week.

Here are some more awesome sites with lots of wonderful resources in case you would like to plan your own Solar Energy Study.

Infinite Power

United States Department of Energy

The Secret Lives of Energy 

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  1. Sounds like some really good learning happened. It's great that your daughter enjoyed making the models so much too!


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