Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 5

A few highlights from our school week at home:

Math:   As if my kids don't have enough math in their lives, we've started reading Exploring the World of Mathematics: From Ancient Record Keeping to the Latest Advances in Computers.

After reading the first chapter, Counting the Years,  I know why February is the shortest month of the year, and September is not the seventh month (something I've been wondering forever--or at least since I started studying Latin).    In Singapore Math,  we skipped all of the fraction lessons and just completed the practices and reviews, since  Key to Fractions has plenty of fraction work.   I-E is cruising along in her Key to Fractions and is close to completely Book 3.   E-R is working on completing Book 2.  

Geography:  Putting together everything we've studied so far, the girls drew The Arabian Peninsula. (Sorry no pictures--my camera is MIA)  Next was a map of the Mediterranean area with blanks to fill in.  This map was on a different scale and required a bit of thinking to complete.

English:  We wrestled with object complements, objective complements, and subjective complements.   No matter how many times I teach these I end up needing to relearn them myself.  Perhaps four times the charm?

Literature:  E-R and I-E are finishing up Black Beauty today.   The plan was to pick vocabulary words from the books to study and learn.  Turns out they had to dive real deep to find any new words to learn.  So, we've taken words from any reading that produces unknown words.   Their vocab words this week are from The Living Christ and are commemorate, millennia, virtue, indefinite, associate,and frisky.  We've also started using This website is quite fun and has been a great motivator for all in the house to improve their knowledge of the English language.  


Big Announcement!  Winter's Tale is the play the Shakespeare Class will produce.   It's a comedy.  It's a tragidy.   It has a bear.   How awesome is that!   Assignment for this week--read and cast the play.

Our biggest accomplishment for the week was time management.   We've decided to go to bed earlier and the girls are getting up earlier.   Our school days are starting promptly at 8:00 at the dining room table.   We are accomplishing more, and work hasn't stretched so far into the evenings.

How was your week?




  1. Sounds like you're studying some pretty advanced things. I would be learning as much as your kids, I'm sure!

  2. Wow! I am very impressed not only by your course of study, but how much you accomplish in a week. Way to go! :-)

    Hope you have a blessed weekend,

  3. It is nice when the teacher learns things too. :)

    We love A Winter's Tale here too/

  4. I always wonder where we could fit in a book about math, because we are always reading and already so busy. That book sounds really good. And, my son will be done with his LOF Beginning Algebra lessons by about the end of January, so maybe we will read it before we move on to advanced Algebra. Thanks!


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