Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Solar Science Week, Day Three

It appears the fog is here to stay

So the solar ovens had to wait.

If it is foggy tomorrow, we plan to drive to the sun!

Edited:  Comparison paragraphs.

I-E's paragraph:

Many people use solar energy today.  There are two kinds of ways to heat houses with solar power, active and passive solar systems.  Active solar system heat houses using solar collectors that are flat black boxes that act like a greenhouse. The sun light gathers into heat then it heats the water. Then the water heats the air which is pushed into the house.  Passive solar systems heat house using non- moving parts such as windows that face south, so they catch the sunlight that heats walls or rocks in bins or pillars of water.  Some differences of active and passive solar systems are that active solar system can be put in every house, but passive solar systems can only be put in when you a are building the house. Some similarities are they both use sun light to heat houses, and they both release heat when it gets cold.  Both active and passive solar systems are efficient  and don’t pollute the earth.

 Designed: Houses with both Passive and Active Solar Heating Systems.

Researched: the cost and value of home solar system. A system for our home (which we couldn't technically install because of our shared roof) would cost $35,000. Currently we would qualify for a federal tax credit of about $9400 and a state refund of $2900, bringing the price of the system down to $22,700. At the level of usage we are currently utilizing, it would take 24 years for us to realize the cost of the system. So although the value of solar energy is high, the cost keeps most people from investing in it.

We also found this company, Sungevity, which leases solar systems so the upfront cost is not a prohibitive. We are waiting to hear back about the cost of leasing.

Creating: Started a Mosaic sundial.


  1. The sundial looks like it is going to be beautiful!

    The kids' drawings are really well done.

    You are doing such a wonderful job with your children. I just love hands-on units! What memories you are creating together! :-)

  2. That's a bummer about the fog! I love this, though.


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